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Why Do So Many Houses Have These Acoustic Ceilings?

This type of surface feature started being used in the 1950s.

It promptly became popular with lots of building companies.

It grew popular when builders found out they didn’t need to spend time and money preparing and painting a ceiling. They could simply spray it.

This technique assisted remodelers as it was an effective way to cover over dents, stains or uneven surfaces.

And homeowners around the West at first thought this method made their homes look contemporary.

But there was an issue. Some of these products contained asbestos.

The excitement of these products began to change in the 1980s and 1990s too.

Many homeowners began to prefer a ceiling surface that matched the walls.

It’s not uncommon to see houses around Denver that have these acoustical ceilings if they were constructed during these years.

What Folks Think About Them Today:

  • You can’t repair it easily
  • It’s hard to paint when stained
  • Little particles fall off when you touch it
  • It’s a magnet for dust
  • It’s difficult to clean or dust

What is the Procedure Like?

Your Colorado contractor will eliminate all the stuff from the rooms – furniture, light fixtures, smoke detectors, electrical socket covers and ventilation covers.

There won’t be any mess because the entire room gets covered in plastic before the removal begins.

A little water solution is sprayed on the old surface. As it soaks in, the surface becomes softer.

Once the old texture is soft, it can be scraped off.

The scraping process won’t stop until it is all down on the floor. Then it is bagged up and hauled out.

Some drywall repairs are generally needed.

Joints might need to be covered and the whole surface smoothed for priming.

When the new surface is ready, it gets primed and painted.

What Kind of Specialist Does This Work?

A portion of the removing and replacement jobs that happen are carried out by small businesses who mostly specialize in these types of jobs.

But many other projects are carried out by drywall and painting businesses who do this type of thing during their usual line of work.

These are the type of companies that could fix your problem.

Save Money By Doing the Job Yourself

You can always attempt it on your own.

It’s not the most challenging renovation job, but it isn’t any fun either.

The scraping activity is sloppy, but not very hard.

Making the drywall perfect is the harder part.

But most homeowners choose to get someone to do the job for them.

Westminster Ceiling Repair

Mending or filling holes in textured ceilings can be difficult.

Making the repaired area appear like the repair service never happened is the most challenging part of the job.

Somebody with experience in these home repairs can make sure it winds up looking okay.

Ceiling Repair Costs In Westminster

Are you wondering what this might cost near your far north or northwest Denver suburb?

The cost is mostly based on how long the work will take to be done.

One big issue is asbestos.

There was a period when asbestos was used in those sprayed ceilings.

If you own a home which was built before 1980, it may have some asbestos.

Owners of older residences should have their texture checked before they start to take it off.

In fact, most homeowners are able to complete the testing process themselves.

In order to get yours tested, you just need to send in a small sample for testing.

You can find a tester kit online.

Many people do it through Amazon to get it.

If your test sample has some asbestos in it, it just means your eradication process will be much more complex.

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