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How Come So Many Houses in Arizona Have These Types of Ceilings?

This feature started being used in houses in the later ’50s.

House builders appreciated it when they found out they wouldn’t have to spend so much time meticulously smoothing and painting ceilings.

Remodelers learned it was a quick solution to masking holes, stains or homeowner mistakes.

Many homeowners around the Southwest also liked how it helped cut down on noise a little bit in their house.

Regretfully, a number of the initial manufacturers of these treatments used asbestos.

Most builders started to go back to conventional finishes and paint as the 1980s ended.

These products were not intended to be used in a kitchen or full bathroom, but many Pima County houses still have them in the hallways, bedrooms or living room areas.

Why Some Homeowners Say They Don’t Like These Surfaces Now

  • Small repairs are hard to paint
  • It’s too hard to dust or clean
  • Dust and cobwebs are attracted to it
  • It falls down when touched
  • Small dents or holes are hard to fix

What is the Replacement Process Like?

Before any of the work gets going, everything has to be removed from the room.

Your room gets blanketed in plastic sheeting so there will be no mess during the scraping process.

Some water is thoroughly put on the old surface.

The moisture gets absorbed quickly and the old texture turns softer.

Once that old texture gets soft, it isn’t hard to scrape it off.

When all the old wet texture is off, it’s bagged up and taken away.

Some surface repair is frequently needed.

There may be new compound applications and smoothing.

Last of all, it gets primed and painted. And your room looks great.

There Are Folks Who Can Help

A large portion of these projects are performed by individuals who spend each day working on walls and ceilings.

Other jobs are managed by painting and drywall services who can do a number of improvement tasks.

There’s an experienced specialist who will arrive from Casas Adobes and help you out.

Want To Try Doing It Yourself?

Are you looking into doing this job on your own?

It’s not enjoyable. And it may be messy too.

The hardest element is getting the surface totally smooth so you can prime and paint it.

If you don’t think you have the spare time or patience for this operation, you can just call someone.

Popcorn Ceiling Repairs in Tucson AZ

Ceilings with texture on them can be a problem to repair when they need it.

Getting the new texture to match the original texture is the tricky part.

When most homeowners attempt it for the first time, their results are generally not good.

Typical Removal Cost Near Tucson

Wondering what the price could be near Marana or Catalina Foothills?

Prices fluctuate somewhat. But how long the work will take to complete is usually the key factor.

And in a small number of worst-case scenarios, that texture might have some asbestos in it.

Homes built earlier than 1980 could contain some asbestos.

In case you are unclear as to what decade your sprayed texture was applied, you have to have it analyzed.

Running the screening isn’t hard. You or a specialist can do it.

All a homeowner has to do is mail in a small ceiling surface sample to the testing service.

These testing kits are for sale online.

If your package gets marked positive for asbestos, then you’ll have a more elaborate removal process.

Price Estimates Near Your AZ Neighborhood

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Some projects are a little unique, but you should be able to get an estimate without having somebody inspect your house first.

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