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A Paint and Drywall Business in Your Outer Detroit Neighborhood

A good place to begin is by talking to a drywall and paint specialist.

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These folks realize just how to do it. They do this kind of work quite a bit.

Redone ceiling surface might seem like a small matter, but it could make a real difference.

Why is There This Sort of Ceiling in My Home?

Building companies first started using this type of treatment in single-family homes in the late 1950s.

They liked working with it because it was easier and cheaper than the painting process.

Remodelers figured out it was a quick technique to covering up small holes, stains or owner mistakes.

Upper Midwest homeowners liked it too as it helped with decreasing noise inside the home.

Unfortunately, at the start, some of these treatments used asbestos.

Beginning in the 1980s, these acoustical ceilings started declining in popularity.

Homes near often have these textures in the bedrooms, hallway and living room, but almost never in the kitchen or a full bathroom.

What Folks Say About Them

  • Stains are hard to paint
  • It’s difficult to clean or dust
  • Dust and cobwebs are attracted to it
  • It falls down when touched
  • Small dents or holes are hard to fix

How Does the Process Work?

To start with, everything in the room gets taken out. This includes electrical outlet covers, light fixtures and smoke detectors along with the furniture.

The entire room will be covered with plastic to catch each particle of the falling texture.

Some water is thoroughly put on the old surface.

The moisture gets soaked up quickly and the old surface turns softer.

A scraping tool will be used to take off the softened texture.

The scraping continues until it’s all on the plastic covered floor.

Then it is carted away.

That old surface might need some new joint compound and a professional smoothing before the painting starts.

And the project finishes with primer and some paint.

There Are People Who Can Help

A large portion of these jobs are completed by individuals who spend all day repairing ceilings and walls.

And plenty of jobs are taken on by paint and drywall services.

These crews have the appropriate experience to clean up any type of indoor surface repair or issue.

There’s a crew near West Bloomfield Township that can drive over and help you with it.

Want To Try Doing The Job Yourself?

Maybe you want to try it yourself.

Like most jobs, it’s a little more complicated than it looks.

Maybe if you’re really handy, you could try it.

After a homeowner recognizes just what is involved, they end up contacting a pro.

Popcorn Ceiling Repair Near Troy

It’s not easy to repair a hole or other damage in a textured ceiling.

Getting the repaired part to look like the initial surface may be the challenging step of this job.

Most homeowners have trouble doing the work, but a specialist is generally pretty good at it.

Pontiac Removal and Repair Prices

Would you like some information on the usual cost for homeowners around Rochester Hills?

Your specialist will base her or his price on how long your project is going to take them.

One thing to bear in mind, a few houses may have asbestos in their ceilings.

Homes built prior to 1980 might have some asbestos in them.

Prior to taking yours off, you will get it screened.

It’s easy to begin the test. You can do it if you want.

In order to get yours analyzed, you just need to mail in a pretty small sample for verification.

These evaluation kits are purchased online.

Amazon is the most common place to get them.

If you have asbestos, don’t fret. Your eradication company understands how to do it safely and securely.

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