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redone ceiling surface might seem like a minor issue, but it can make a significant difference.

These Kinds of Ceilings – Why Does My Carson CA Home Have Them?

These spray-on features started to become popular in the late 1950s.

House builders preferred it when they learned they didn’t have to invest so much time diligently finishing and painting ceilings.

Remodeling companies now had a simple way to treat stains, dents or irregular surfaces and cover them up.

Lots of Southern California homeowners wanted this new technique too.

Since it was a new technique, they believed it made their home look fashionable.

Regrettably, some of the initial producers of these treatments used asbestos.

While a good many homeowners don’t have a strong preference, some did.

Many house builders began using these applications less frequently.

It’s normal to see houses in Rancho Palos Verdes or Redondo Beach which were constructed during this time to have acoustic ceilings in the hallway, bedroom or living room.

The Problems These Types of Ceilings Have

  • It’s difficult to dust or clean
  • It attracts dust
  • It’s hard to paint
  • If you bump it – little pieces fall down
  • It’s hard to repair or patch

So How Does the Regular Process Work?

Before any real work gets going, all the stuff has to be removed from the room.

The entire room will get covered with plastic to capture each particle of the dropping texture.

A little moisture is sprayed all over the ceiling.

That moisture gets soaked up and the texture gets pliable.

The old texture is now able to be scraped off of the original sheetrock.

The scraping continues until it’s all piled on the plastic covered floor.

Then it is hauled away.

The old surface will probably need a little repair. At least, it will need to be smoothed and ready for primer.

The job concludes with the new surface being primed and painted.

Talk With Someone Near Carson Who Will Help

Some projects are performed by specialists and their sole business is mending ceilings.

Other projects are addressed by painting and drywall companies who can finish a number of renovation projects.

There’s somebody near West Carson or Harbor City that can manage it for you.

Should You Try Doing the Job Yourself?

If you want to save a little money, you could try it yourself.

It’s a sloppy job and not too much fun either.

If you think of yourself as a handyman, you might probably try this too.

It might not turn out perfect, but it could appear okay.

Most homeowners will leave it to someone who has the training and practice to do it.

Ceiling Repair Near Torrance

It can be hard to repair a hole or other damage in a textured ceiling.

How you make the new texture to match with the initial texture is the difficult part.

Experienced individuals have done these repair jobs before, they understand the difficulties and are aware of the tricks to get the job done right.

What Will Removal Cost Near Carson or Torrance?

Would you like some information on the usual cost for homeowners from North Torrance to Manhattan Beach?

The most important price element is how long the contractor estimates the job will take.

Other factors may be involved though. Asbestos could be a factor.

Asbestos was commonly used in building products up until 1980 or so.

If you are having any concerns about the texture in your house, you’ll want to have them checked out.

In fact, homeowners are able to do the testing process themselves.

If you’d like to do it yourself, you can buy a simple test kit and send in a little sample to a testing company.

You’ll find these kits online at stores like Amazon.

Most samples won’t have asbestos in them, but it’s fundamental to get it checked to make sure.

Job Estimates for SoCal Homeowners

Get yourself a general quote from an experienced specialist in your area.

When you call, you are able to talk about your circumstances.

You can receive a solid price estimate for your house.

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Making the First Move

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