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Why Did Builders Install These Acoustic Ceilings in Houses?

Building companies started using this type of technique in single-family homes in the late ’50s.

They liked working with it because it was easier and less expensive than the painting process.

Remodelers discovered this method was perfect for covering over irregular surfaces, dents, small holes or stains.

Many Homeowners around the West Coast decided this new method made their homes look fashionable. So they liked it also.

Regrettably, some of these initial products contained asbestos.

They began to steadily go out of favor with many homeowners beginning in the late ’80s and moving on from there.

It’s typical to see houses near Oak Park or Westlake Village which have these acoustical ceilings if they were constructed during these years.

Reasons Why Owners Don’t Like These Surfaces

  • “You will find little bits on the carpet or floor”
  • “Doing touch-up painting is difficult”
  • “They are hard to repair or patch”
  • “They get dusty”
  • “They are difficult to clean or dust”

The Scraping and Replacement Procedure

The first step your California specialist takes is to clear away every item from your room.

Besides the furniture, this also includes any smoke detectors, vent covers, electrical outlet covers or lighting fixtures.

In order to prevent any mess, the room will get protected in plastic sheeting which will capture all the stuff that falls off.

Water is carefully sprayed on the ceiling. As the water soaks in, the texture turns soft and loosens up.

The old texture can now be gently scraped off the original sheetrock.

Once it is all scraped off and down on the floor, all the plastic sheeting is folded up and it’s taken away.

That old surface could need some new joint compound and a decent smoothing before the priming begins.

The job ends with the new surface being primed and painted.

There Are Service Companies Who Can Help

A portion of the removal and replacing jobs that get done are performed by small companies who specialize in these kind of jobs.

But many other jobs are done by drywall and painting companies who do this type of stuff often during their normal line of work.

Either direction you choose, you can get your situation handled in locations such as Newbury Park or Agoura Hills.

Is This a Project I Could Do On My Own?

Some homeowners look into doing the job on their own, but change their mind.

It isn’t any fun to do. You just need to plan for the mess.

If you have successfully done remodeling projects before which have ended up okay, perhaps you can do this one too.

Even though some owners look into attempting the job themselves, they usually choose not to.

Thousand Oaks Popcorn Ceiling Repair

When a textured surface has a hole or stain, they can be tricky to fix.

Blending the repaired area with the original surface can be the challenging part.

Specialized work teams complete these repairs all the time.

They have overcome these issues before and know the techniques to make the end result look good.

Ceiling Removal Cost In Thousand Oaks

Are you a little interested in what the price could be in an area like Casa Conejo or Newbury Park?

The main factor drywall specialists think about when figuring out price is how long the work will take.

One other issue is asbestos.

There was a period when some asbestos was contained in these spray-on ceilings.

Homes built before 1980 could contain some asbestos.

When you have an older house and you have no idea what kind of product you have, you will have it verified.

You can even start the test yourself. You won’t need to have someone else do it.

A property owner just buys a test kit, takes off a little sample of the texture and mails it in for testing.

These kits can be found at some online stores.

If your test gets marked positive for asbestos, you’ll be required to have a more complicated removal process.

Job Quotes for California Neighborhoods

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How to Get Started

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