Thornton Popcorn Ceiling Removal Options

Ready to get your ceilings resurfaced?

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Why Did This Style Get Popular Anyway?

This type of surface treatment started being used a lot in the ’50s.

It quickly became popular with a lot of building companies.

It became popular when home builders found out they didn’t have to spend time and money prepping and painting a ceiling. They could simply spray it.

This procedure was a quick way for remodelers to cover over spots, holes or mistakes.

Denver homeowners originally liked it too because it seemed fashionable at the time.

There was a substantial trouble with some of these preliminary materials – they contained asbestos.

After living with these acoustical ceilings for a few years, quite a few homeowners started to see their negatives.

Many homes built around Aurora and Denver during this time had these acoustic ceilings in the bedrooms, hallways and living room areas.

This sort of Surface Has Some Drawbacks

  • It falls down when touched
  • It collects a lot of dust
  • You can’t repair it easily
  • It’s not easy to clean
  • Spots are hard to paint

What to Expect

Step one is to remove absolutely everything from the room or rooms.

Plastic sheeting will get put up throughout the room to collect each particle that comes down.

Some moisture is sprayed onto the ceiling. The water gets absorbed and the texture turns soft.

Once the texture is soft enough, it can be scraped off.

All that texture is scraped off into a messy pile on the plastic-covered floor. Then it gets bagged up and taken away.

The existing surface will most likely need a little work before it can be primed and painted. It has to be even and smoothed first.

Finally, it gets primed and painted. The room looks great.

What Type of Service Provider Does This Work?

There are individuals in this area who mostly specialize in performing these removal and replacements.

But many of the remaining jobs are performed by drywall and paint services.

Their staff has experience upgrading and fixing all kinds of inside surfaces.

This is the type of businesses that can deal with your problem.

Thinking About Doing the Job Yourself?

Are you getting ready to do this task on your own?

Working over your head on a step stool for hours isn’t any fun.

If you consider yourself to be a handyman, you might probably try this too.

It might not turn out perfect, but it might appear fine.

But the big majority of jobs in our area are not completed by the homeowner.

Thornton CO Repairs

Indoor surfaces with texture on them can be hard to repair.

A key struggle is to get the new texture to match the original.

Sheetrock specialists take care of these problems frequently.

They know the techniques to use to achieve a terrific final result.

Typical Removal Cost In Thornton

Interested in learning the price? The typical price north of Denver is sort of predictable.

Your specialist will base her or his price on how long your job is going to take them.

While it does not happen too often, sometimes asbestos is a factor.

If your house was built prior to 1980, there’s a possibility it could have some asbestos.

Should you have an older house and you have no idea what kind of product you have, you should have it checked.

The test process is easy. You can handle it yourself.

To do it yourself, you simply buy a test kit, obtain a small surface sample and mail it in for the screening.

It’s simple to purchase a test kit online through a website like Amazon.

Most test samples will not have asbestos in them, but it’s imperative to check to be certain.

Find a Quote in Your Part of Adams or Weld County

Lots of homeowners like to find out the price before the work starts.

The person you speak to on the phone just needs to grasp how big your job is.

Service is available to homeowners all around the metro area including Welby and Northglenn.

Where to Begin

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You can get more details and set up a visit if you want.

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