Popcorn Ceiling Repair or Removal Near Tempe AZ

Got an old ceiling you want worked on?

Ready to get a little help with it? Maybe a little advice too?

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Painting and Drywall Updates

A nearby sheetrock installer has the expertise to discuss your situation.

Why not ask them for some help?

Working on walls and ceilings every week enables these guys to get good at it.

Your surfaces are going to be scraped, smoothed and painted just right.

Why is There This Sort of Ceiling in My Home?

This feature began being used in homes in the late ’50s.

Building companies figured out it was faster to spray an unfinished ceiling than it was to prepare and paint it.

People doing remodeling found that it was a quick strategy to mask uneven surfaces, stains, holes or mistakes.

Greater Phoenix homeowners enjoyed how it looked and how it assisted a little with soundproofing their house.

Some of these first products used asbestos.

This was the primary factor that aided in the decrease of their use.

While many homeowners didn’t have a strong preference, some did. Many builders began using these applications less frequently.

Houses in Maricopa County often have these textures in the bedrooms, hallway and living room, but almost never in the kitchen or a full bathroom.

Reasons Why Owners Want It Taken Off

  • It’s hard to make repairs look the same
  • It crumbles when touched
  • It’s a magnet for dust
  • It’s not easy to clean
  • Small spots are hard to repaint

What to Expect

Before any of the real work gets started, all the stuff has to be removed from the room.

In order to avoid any mess, the room will get blanketed in plastic sheeting which will collect all the stuff that falls off.

A liquid solution is carefully put on the old surface.

The water gets soaked up quickly and the old texture turns soft.

Once the old texture has become soft, it can be gently scraped off the old sheetrock.

An hour or two later, all that original texture is off and piled around the floor. It gets wrapped up and taken out.

The bare surface is nearly always somewhat rough.

It may need some attention to cover up the seams and make it all smooth.

And the last part is the priming and painting.

Who Can Help

A portion of these jobs of this type are done by people who specialize in doing it.

Other jobs are worked on by drywall and paint companies who come across this task regularly while they are carrying out bigger projects.

There’s somebody in East Phoenix that can deal with it for you.

Is This a Project I Could Do On My Own?

This is not the toughest job. But it’s not easy either.

Working above your head on a small stool for hours is not much fun.

Getting the outdated texture off isn’t really the hard part.

Getting the finished painted surface to appear smooth and consistent may be the harder part.

Once a homeowner realizes what is involved, they end up bringing in a pro.

Ceiling Repair Rates Near Tempe

Wondering what will this cost?

Your local specialist will base his or her rate on how long your job is going to take them to do.

One big issue is asbestos.

There was a period when some asbestos was used in those sprayed ceilings.

If your house was constructed before 1980, there’s a possibility it could have some asbestos.

You will have yours inspected if you have concerns about the make up of yours.

The screening itself is quick and painless. You won’t have to call anyone to come do it.

To get your surface checked, all you have to do is take a small sample of it and mail it to a testing service.

You can find these testing kits online. Most homeowners get it at Amazon.

Most samples won’t have asbestos in them, but it’s fundamental to verify it to make sure.

Folks in Your Part of Maricopa County Can Get a Quote

Any property owner may call for a job quote.

The person you talk to on the phone just needs to understand how large your project is.

Speak to a specialist who works near McClintock High School, Corona Del Sol High School, Marcos De Niza High School, Tempe High School, Arizona State University, Sun Devil Stadium, Beach Park, Kiwanis Park, Optimist Park, or the Sports Complex area.

What You Can Do Now

The first step is to talk it over.

There is a helpful specialist who does this sort of work in your suburb who is right by their phone.

A brief call will provide you with some good info.

Might just as well start today – why not?

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