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Why Do We Have These Kinds of Ceilings in Our Houses?

These spray-on features started to become popular in the late ’50s.

It became popular with builders because it minimized the time devoted to preparing ceilings for paint.

Remodelers discovered this method was ideal for masking over uneven surfaces, patched holes or stains.

Many Homeowners around Western Washington figured this new concept made their houses look stylish. So they liked it too.

But there was an issue. Some of the products contained asbestos.

Beginning in the 1980s, these acoustic ceilings started declining in popularity.

These products were never designed for bathrooms or kitchens, but you can still see them in numerous Auburn and Federal Way bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

Five Reasons To Have It Scraped Off

  • “It’s hard to patch them”
  • “You can’t clean or dust them”
  • “If you bump them – bits fall down”
  • “They collect a lot of dust”
  • “Small repairs are hard to paint perfectly”

The Typical Approach for Replacing Ceilings

Before anything else happens, everything has to be removed from the rooms.

Plastic sheeting will be taped up across the room to catch each piece that comes off.

A little water solution is put on the old surface. As it gets soaked in, the surface becomes softer.

When the old surface becomes soft, it looses its grip on the drywall and can be scraped away.

An hour or two later, all the texture is pulled off and piled around the floor. It gets bagged and taken out.

The sheetrocked surface will be mended if necessary, recoated, made smooth and prepared for paint.

And the final part is the priming and painting.

Types of Home Service Providers Who Could Help

Some of these repair jobs in this area are done by people who focus on doing it pretty much exclusively.

And a lot of property owners call in a paint or drywall service to complete the job.

These folks have experience with many different indoor surface repairs.

Why not get somebody from Kent to take care of it for you.

Could I Attempt To Do the Job Myself?

If you want to save a little money, you could try it yourself.

Working over your head on ceilings is not much fun.

The removal activity is sloppy, but not really hard.

Getting the sheetrock smooth and ready for paint is the trickier part.

Most homeowners end up bringing in assistance as opposed to trying to do it themselves.

Tacoma Popcorn Ceiling Repairs

When you have a hole, dent or other damage to a surface with texture on it, it can be difficult to get it fixed right.

The final stage of getting the replaced surface finish to look like the original is often where a homeowner falls short.

Drywall specialists contend with these problems all the time.

They know the tactics to use to achieve a terrific final result.

How Much Does Ceiling Repair Cost Near Kent or Lakewood?

Want some information on the standard cost for homeowners around Puyallup or Kent?

Cost varies from one home to the next, but the primary factor is how long the task will take.

If your home is of a certain age, there is a slight possibility you may have asbestos in it.

Some building contractors were adding asbestos products into homes prior to 1980.

You will have yours tested if you have concerns about the time period of yours.

The home test kits are easy enough for a homeowner to do.

You can take care of the screening yourself if you buy a testing kit, pull off a small texture sample and ship it in.

You can find these test kits at some online stores.

If you have asbestos, don’t get overly worried. Your removal company knows how to get it done safely and by the rules.

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