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Why Does My House Have Those Acoustic Ceilings?

This spray-on feature started being used back in the late 1950s.

House builders discovered that this method was faster, and cheaper, than standard surface preparation and painting.

Remodeling providers now had an easy way to address stains, dents or uneven surfaces and cover them up.

Southwest homeowners enjoyed it as well because it was fashionable and helped with reducing noise.

However, in the beginning, some of these products used asbestos.

Beginning in the 1980s, house builders started to use these products less.

You can still notice these features in many Clark County homes.

They are almost always limited to the living room, bedroom and hallway, never in a kitchen or full bathroom.

Why Homeowners Want Them Replaced

  • “Doing touch-up painting is difficult”
  • “They collect a lot of dust”
  • “You can’t repair them easily”
  • “They are hard to dust or clean”
  • “They flake off when bumped or touched”

How Does the Process Work?

Before any real work gets started, all the stuff has to be removed from the room.

In order to catch all of the material that falls, plastic sheeting will be put up all over the room.

A little water is applied to the ceiling. The surface soaks it up and gets soft.

A scraping tool is used to remove the softened texture.

It’s a slow process, but soon all the old material is taken off and piled on the floor. Then it’s trucked away.

The existing surface might need some repairs. At the very least, it should need to be smoothed and ready for primer.

In the end, it gets primed and painted. Your room looks great.

Who To Phone for a Project Like This

Some of these jobs are done by small companies who’s only service is repairing walls and ceilings.

The other projects are taken care of by painting and drywall companies who can do a variety of improvement projects.

No matter which greater Las Vegas company you call, you will get it handled.

Thinking About Doing the Work Yourself?

You can try and do it yourself.

Working above your head on a step stool for hours is not much fun.

The removal activity is messy, but not really challenging.

Making the sheetrock perfectly smooth is the harder part.

While some homeowners give some thought to attempting the job themselves, they generally choose not to.

Sunrise Manor Ceiling Repairs

Textured ceilings can be difficult to repair.

The biggest challenge is to get the new texture to match up with the old.

Experienced specialists are familiar with the tricks and tips to make it blend in and look nice when it’s done.

Sunrise Manor Ceiling Removal Cost

Want to find out how much it might cost?

Costs fluctuate somewhat. But how long the job will take to finish is the key factor.

Although it does not happen too often, sometimes asbestos can be a problem.

If you own a home that was built prior to 1980, it may have some asbestos.

If you know yours are all okay – that’s great. If you aren’t certain, you will need it tested first.

The screening process is easy. You can deal with it yourself.

You’re able to do the test yourself if you order a screening kit, obtain a small texture sample and mail it in.

You can order these screening kits online. They are not too expensive.

The process for asbestos is more complicated and the remover needs to be more cautious.

Removal Estimates Around Your Nevada Neighborhood

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