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Why Do So Many Houses Around Here Have Those Ceilings?

These sprayed on elements became popular in the late 1950s.

Smoothing and painting ceilings takes time. This new method cut down on how long it took. Builders liked the convenience.

This procedure aided remodelers since it was an easy way to cover up dents, stains or uneven surfaces.

Homeowners around the Upper Midwest also preferred this method because it looked fresh and unique.

Regretfully, a number of the initial manufacturers of these products used asbestos in them.

Homeowners and builders started to change their attitudes towards this technique in the late 1980s too.

Many began to prefer a smooth finished surface again.

Kitchens or full bathrooms almost never had these acoustic features.

But many Shelby and Warren houses built during this time will have them in other rooms.

Why Homeowners Say They Don’t Like These Anymore

  • If you touch it – it crumbles
  • It’s hard to paint when discolored
  • It’s not easy to clean
  • It’s hard to repair
  • It attracts dust

What to Expect

The first thing that will happen is everything in your room gets removed.

After the furniture is taken out, other things such as outlet covers, smoke detectors, air vent covers or light fixtures will also get taken out too if possible.

In order to catch all of the old texture that falls off, plastic sheeting will be taped up throughout the room.

The existing surface will have water gently sprayed on it. The water gets absorbed into the surface and turns it soft.

Once the texture is soft, it can be thoroughly scraped away.

Your specialist continues until all the old material is on the floor.

It gets wrapped up and taken away.

Some surface repair is often necessary.

There may be some new compound applications and smoothing.

The last stages are priming and painting. That’s it.

There Are Service Companies Who Can Help

Many of these jobs are carried out by small companies who’s only service is fixing walls and ceilings.

Other jobs are performed by paint and drywall services who do this routinely as they are performing bigger projects.

Why not call somebody to manage it for you?

A Few Homeowners Look Into Doing It Themselves – Should You?

If you want to try doing the job yourself, you certainly could.

Like other jobs in life, it looks easier than it really is.

The stripping and removal element of the job is not hard.

It’s the sheetrock repair and smoothing that is challenging.

After considering the options, most homeowners end up calling in a specialist to do the work.

Clinton Charter Township Ceiling Repairs

Textured ceilings can be difficult to repair.

The biggest difficulty is to get the new texture to match the old.

Someone who has completed a number of these repair projects has learned from their previous challenges.

They know how to take care of it properly.

How Much Does Ceiling Repair Cost Near Warren?

Want to find out how much this is going to cost around an area such as Macomb or Shelby?

The main factor drywall specialists take into account when determining price is the length of time the job will take.

There’s another element to know about. There was a period of time when some manufacturers used asbestos in these ceiling textures.

Asbestos was commonly used in building products up until 1980 or so.

You should quickly check yours if you are unclear when yours was sprayed on.

In fact, homeowners are able to do the testing process themselves.

A homeowner just buys a test kit, takes off a little sample of the texture and sends it in for testing.

These assessment kits are found online.

Amazon is the most widely used place to get them.

If your sample contains asbestos, it will require a more extensive removal procedure which will have an affect on your cost.

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