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How Did Acoustic Ceilings Get Installed At So Many Homes?

This spray-on attribute started being used back in the late ’50s.

It became well liked with building firms because it was faster to spray a rough ceiling than it was to smooth it and paint it.

Remodeling contractors now had a good way to address stains, dents or uneven surfaces and cover them up.

Quite a few homeowners around Missouri decided this new concept made their homes look stylish. So they liked it too.

Unfortunately, some of the initial suppliers of these products used asbestos in them.

The excitement of these products began to change in the 1980s and 1990s too.

Most homeowners started to prefer a ceiling surface that matched the walls.

It’s normal to find houses in some of the city suburbs which were built during this time to have acoustic ceilings in the bedroom, hallway or living room.

What Some Folks Think About Them

  • It gets dusty
  • It’s difficult to dust or clean
  • It’s hard to match small repairs
  • It’s hard to paint when discolored
  • It flakes off when you touch it

Basic Steps Involved in the Procedure

Before your work begins, everything that can be taken out is removed.

This includes the furniture, vent covers, electrical outlet covers, light fixtures and the smoke detector.

In order to collect all of the falling texture, the entire room will be covered in plastic sheeting.

Some moisture is sprayed on the ceiling. The water gets absorbed and the texture gets soft.

Once the texture is soft enough, it can be carefully scraped off.

After some time, all the original product is scraped off and laying on the floor.

The plastic is folded up and taken away.

Some surface repair is generally needed.

There may be new compound applications and smoothing.

And the project gets finished with primer and paint.

Who Should You Call To Do This Project?

Some of these repair jobs in this area are done by people who focus on doing it almost exclusively.

But lots of projects are completed by paint and drywall services.

These crews have the appropriate experience to clean up all types of indoor surface replacement or other issue.

Why not call someone to handle it for you.

Want To Try Doing The Work Yourself?

Some homeowners consider doing it by themselves.

It makes a mess, and the first time you attempt it is going to be a little hard.

If you are very handy, you could try it yourself. You could end up doing a good job.

Although some homeowners think about the do-it-yourself option, most projects get worked on by a pro.

Ceiling Repair Near You

When you get a hole, dent or other problem on a surface with texture on it, it can be challenging to get it fixed right.

Getting the mended area to resemble the original area is the tricky step of the job.

Knowledgeable individuals have done these repairs before, they are aware of the trouble areas and are aware of the ways to get the job done right.

Ceiling Removal Cost Near St Louis

Wondering what the cost could be near Oakville or University City?

Prices fluctuate somewhat. But how long the work will take to complete is the leading factor.

One thing to keep in mind, a few houses may have asbestos in their ceilings.

Asbestos was sometimes put in building products up until 1980 or so.

If you have doubts as to what year your texture was put on, you need to have it checked.

Going through the testing process is simple enough for a homeowner to perform.

In order to do it yourself, you simply buy a testing kit, obtain a small surface sample and send it in for the testing part.

These testing kits can be purchased online.

If you have asbestos, don’t fret. Your elimination company knows how to get it done safely and by the rules.

Folks in Your Neighborhood Can Get an Estimate

You should call and hear a cost quote and get some good advice.

Many jobs are somewhat unique, but you will be able to get an estimate without having somebody inspect your home.

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Homeowners in the other suburbs can arrange for affordable service too — Belleville and East St Louis; Florissant and North St Louis; O’Fallon and St Peters; Chesterfield and Maryland Heights.

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