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Why Does My House Have Those Acoustic Ceilings?

Building companies first started using this type of treatment in single-family homes in the late ’50s.

Building contractors preferred it because it reduced their time spent preparing ceilings and then painting them.

Remodelers realized it was an easy technique to covering up small holes, stains or other mistakes.

Michigan homeowners originally enjoyed it too because it was stylish at the time.

But there was a big problem. Some of these products contained asbestos.

They started to slowly go out of favor with some homeowners starting in the late 1980s and moving on from there.

You can still see these features in many Livonia or Farmington Hills houses.

They are almost always limited to the living room, hallway and bedrooms, never in a kitchen or full bathroom.

Why Some People Complain About Them

  • “They are hard to paint”
  • “They attract dust”
  • “They crumble when touched”
  • “It’s hard to fix small dents or holes”
  • “You can’t clean or dust them”

So How Exactly Does the Procedure Work?

The initial thing your surface specialist will do is take away everything in the room.

This includes not just furniture, but also outlet covers, light fixtures, any smoke detectors or vent covers.

In order to catch all of the falling texture, the complete room will be covered in plastic.

A little moisture is sprayed all over the old ceiling.

This moisture gets absorbed and the texture becomes pliable.

A scraping tool will be used to take off the softened texture.

All that texture is gently scraped off into a messy pile on the plastic floor. That gets carted away.

Some surface repair is frequently required.

There may be new compound applications and smoothing.

Last of all, the primer and paint come out and it gets done.

What Kind of Company Does This Work?

Some of the repair jobs in this area are completed by folks who focus on doing it almost exclusively.

The remaining jobs are completed by drywall and paint companies who do this task routinely as they are carrying out bigger jobs.

Either type of service could help you out in neighborhoods like Westland or Plymouth Township.

Interested in Doing All the Work Yourself?

A few homeowners consider doing the work on their own, but change their mind.

Doing work above your head on ceilings is not much fun.

The toughest aspect is getting the surface flawlessly smooth so you can prime and paint it.

But most owners choose to call someone to do the work for them.

Repairs Near Canton

Indoor surfaces with heavy texture on them can be a challenge to fix.

The hard part is matching up the new texture with the pre-existing texture.

When most owners give it a try for the first time, the results are usually not so good.

Scraping and Removal Cost In Livonia

Wondering what will this type of work costs near you?

Costs are typically based on how long the job will take to complete, which is largely dependent on the dimensions of the room.

Other variables might be involved though. And asbestos may be a factor.

Asbestos was common in building products up to 1980 or so.

You should simply examine yours if you’re unclear when yours was applied.

Obtaining the sample and completing the test is easy.

In order to get yours evaluated, you just need to send in a pretty small sample for verification.

You can get these testing kits online. Most folks get theirs at Amazon.

The removal procedure for asbestos is far more complicated and the remover has to be more diligent.

Price Estimates Near Your Neighborhood

Lots of homeowners want to know the approximate cost range before getting started.

In most cases, you will know the cost before the work is started.

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