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Why Did Builders Put Acoustic Ceilings in So Many Houses?

This treatment started being used in home building in the late 1950s.

Prepping and painting ceilings takes time. This new method reduced how long it took. House builders liked the time savings.

People remodeling their properties liked how uncomplicated it was to cover over stains, dents or prior repair mistakes.

And homeowners in Kentucky at first thought this new technique made their homes look modern.

Regretfully, some of these materials in the earliest days contained asbestos.

Beginning in the ’80s, these acoustic ceilings started regressing in popularity.

These features were never designed for bathrooms or kitchens, but you can still find them in a good number of local bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

What Some Homeowners Don’t Like About This Style

  • “It’s hard to patch them”
  • “The little pieces fall down when touched”
  • “They are hard to paint”
  • “They are impossible to clean”
  • “They get dusty”

So How Exactly Does This Process Work?

Before anything happens, everything has to be removed from the rooms.

Plastic sheeting is placed all over the room to capture any falling particles.

The old surface has a water solution carefully sprayed on it. The water gets absorbed into the surface and turns it soft.

When this old texture gets soft, it looses its hold on the drywall and can be scraped off.

As soon as it is all scraped off and onto the floor, all the plastic sheeting is carefully folded up and it’s taken away.

The existing surface will probably need a little repair. At the very least, it should need to be smoothed and ready for paint.

Then it’s ready for priming and painting.

Different Businesses Could Help

A lot of these scraping projects are done by individuals who spend much of their day doing this type of indoor sheetrock maintenance.

The remaining projects are handled by drywall and painting services who can perform a variety of home improvement projects.

Either way, you will get your situation managed in areas such as Shively or Valley Station.

Not Too Many Homeowners Do It Themselves

You can always attempt it yourself.

It isn’t the most complex house repair, but it’s messy and not easy on the arms.

If you consider yourself to be a handyman, you could probably try this.

It may not turn out perfect, but it may look okay.

While a few owners look into doing the work themselves, they usually decide not to.

Popcorn Ceiling Repairs Near South Louisville

When a textured surface gets a dent, hole or water stain, it can be somewhat hard to repair.

Blending in the new texture with the old is one of the tricky areas.

Someone with experience doing these home repairs will make sure it winds up looking okay.

Beechmont and Southern Louisville Ceiling Repair Cost

Need to know how much it might cost in locations such as Newburg or Jeffersontown?

The predicted length of the job is the primary cost factor. Jobs which take more time will cost more.

It does not appear often, but some of these textures still have asbestos in them.

Homes constructed earlier than 1980 might have some asbestos in them.

You ought to analyze yours if you have an older home and you aren’t sure.

The home sample tests are simple enough for any homeowner to do.

To get your surface tested, all you have to do is grab a small sample of it and mail it to a screening service.

You can find your kit online at stores like Amazon.

It is important to get the analysis done. Hopefully, your sample outcome will be fine.

Advice and an Estimate in Your KY Neighborhood

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