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Why Do I Have These Acoustic Ceilings?

In the later ’50s, these spray-on techniques slowly became popular with home builders.

It became popular with builders since it reduced the time devoted to preparing ceilings for paint.

Home remodelers appreciated how it was a simple way to hide spots, holes, uneven surfaces or other problems.

Many home owners across Ohio also liked this process because it looked new and unique.

There was a substantial problem with some of these preliminary materials – they included asbestos.

House builders began using these products less and less as the 1980s and 1990s went on.

Homes around the South Side often have these textures in the hallway, bedrooms and living room, but almost never in a kitchen or a full bathroom.

Five Problems With This Type of Textured Surface

  • It gets too dusty
  • It’s difficult to clean or dust
  • You can’t repair it easily
  • Spots are hard to paint
  • It crumbles when touched

How Exactly Does the Process Work?

Before the work starts, everything that can be moved out is removed.

This includes all the furniture, vent covers, electrical outlet covers, light fixtures and the smoke detector.

There won’t be any mess since the complete room will get covered in plastic before the removal starts.

The surface gets some water solution sprayed on it. The texture absorbs this water and softens.

Now that the old surface is soft, it can be properly scraped away.

At some point, all the original product is scraped off and on the floor.

The plastic is folded up and taken away.

The sheetrock surface is mended as needed, recoated, smoothed and prepared for painting.

Once the new surface is ready, it gets primed and painted.

Types of Businesses That Can Help

A large portion of these projects that happen around this part of town are performed by individuals who really specialize in these types of drywall repairs.

The remaining jobs are finished by painting and drywall contractors.

These companies can take on and situation you have with any interior surfaces.

Either way you go, you can get your situation handled.

Save Money By Doing the Job Yourself

If you want to try doing the job yourself, maybe you can.

It’s a messy job and not much fun.

Someone who has never done this work before will often make a mistake during this process.

It usually occurs in the drywall refinishing.

Once most owners fully grasp all the steps involved in the process, they contact a specialist to do it.

South Columbus Popcorn Ceiling Stain Repair

Fixing a popcorn ceiling can be hard to do.

Getting the mended area to look like the original area can be the tough step of the job.

Skillful specialists are familiar with the tricks and tips to make it blend in and look nice when it’s done.

Ceiling Replacement Cost Near Grove City

Have questions about what the price range is for homeowners around the South End?

As you can most likely guess, fast jobs are less expensive than lengthy jobs.

There is a different element to be aware of.

There was a period of time when some manufacturers employed asbestos in their ceiling textures.

If your home was constructed prior to 1980, there is a possibility it has some asbestos.

You will need yours checked if you have concerns about the age of yours.

The screening process is simple. You will do it yourself.

To get it done yourself, you purchase a test kit, obtain a tiny surface sample and mail it in for testing.

These kits are available at some online stores.

The removal procedure for asbestos is a lot more demanding and the remover has to be more diligent.

Get a Quote in Your Community

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Where Do I Start?

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The South Side Service Areas Include:

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