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A Local IL Drywall and Paint Specialist Can Help

A good place to begin is by talking with a drywall and paint specialist.

They do this type of work all the time.

Through experience, these pros get pretty good at correcting and painting all kinds of walls and ceilings.

Your specialist will handle any wall or ceiling task you have.

These Types of Ceilings – Why Do I Have Them?

This sort of ceiling surface feature started being used a lot in the last part of the 1950s.

It quickly became popular with a lot of building companies.

It became popular when home builders discovered they didn’t need to spend time and money prepping and painting a ceiling. They could simply spray it.

This technique assisted remodelers as it was an effective way to conceal patched holes, stains or irregular surfaces.

Midwest homeowners enjoyed it also because it was fashionable and helped with noise reduction.

Unfortunately, many of these early products contained asbestos.

Many home owners began to alter their attitudes towards these products in the late 1980s too.

Many started to want a smooth finished surface.

Kitchens or full bathrooms rarely had these acoustic features.

But many homes around the south Chicagoland constructed around this time do have them in other rooms.

Benefits of Having It Replaced

  • “They are hard to paint when stained”
  • “They collect a lot of dust”
  • “They are hard to patch or repair”
  • “You can’t clean them very well”
  • “If you touch them – they crumble”

How the Replacement Process Works

Before the real work begins, everything that can be taken out is removed.

This includes all the furniture, vent covers, electrical outlet covers, light fixtures and the smoke detector.

In order to avoid any mess, the room will be covered in plastic sheeting which will collect all the stuff that falls.

A little water is applied to the ceiling. The surface soaks it up and turns soft.

When the old surface is soft, it looses its grip on the sheetrock and can be scraped off.

The scraping process won’t stop until it is all on the floor. Then it’s simply hauled out.

The old surface might require some new joint compound and a good smoothing before the painting begins.

Finally, the primer and paint come out and it gets done.

Chat With Somebody Who Can Help

Some of the repair jobs around this area are done by individuals who focus on doing it just about exclusively.

The rest of the projects are taken care of by drywall and painting services who can perform a number of improvement projects.

A qualified drywall technician from either Chatman or Roseland could get it done for you.

Could I Just Do It By Myself?

A few homeowners try doing this job themselves.

Like the majority of jobs, it’s more complicated than it looks.

The removal process is messy, but not very difficult.

Making the drywall perfectly smooth is the trickier part.

If you don’t think you’ve got the spare time or patience for this task, you can just call in a pro.

Ceiling Repair and Painting Near Calumet City

Touching up or fixing holes in textured ceilings can be difficult.

The last step of getting the replaced surface to look just like the original is frequently where a homeowner falls short.

A drywall specialist is able to accomplish it so the finished project looks good.

South Chicago Ceiling Removal Cost

Are you concerned what this might cost close to Roseland or Chatham?

Prices fluctuate somewhat. But how long the job will take to complete is usually the leading factor.

The most significant wild card with your pricing is asbestos.

If your residence was built earlier than 1980, there’s a chance it has some asbestos.

If you are unsure about what decade your sprayed texture was applied, you or your technician will have it checked.

Obtaining the sample and carrying out the testing is easy.

To do it yourself, you simply purchase a test kit, take a small sample and send it in for the testing.

These kits can be found at some online stores.

It’s really important to get the test done. With some luck, your sample outcome will be good.

Removal Quotes Near Your Area

If you’re ready to begin, you can hear a quote for your job.

A few folks will be in a situation that is difficult to estimate over the phone, but you will still hear a general estimate figure.

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