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Why Do So Many California Houses Have These Acoustic Ceilings?

This type of surface treatment started being used in the 1950s.

It promptly became popular with a lot of home building companies.

It was popular because it was simpler and less expensive than painting and they figured it may help cut down on noise.

House remodelers appreciated how it was a simple way to conceal stains, holes, uneven surfaces or other problems.

West Coast homeowners liked it too because it helped with reducing noise inside the home.

But there was asbestos in many of these early on products.

During the 1980s, many builders began to go back to normal finishes and paint.

Kitchens or full bathrooms rarely had these acoustic features.

But many Moorpark area properties constructed around this time do have them in some other rooms.

Five Things Homeowners Don’t Like About Them

  • “They attract dust”
  • “They are impossible to clean”
  • “It’s hard to patch them”
  • “Doing touch-up painting is difficult”
  • “If you bump them – bits fall down”

The Usual Process for Getting This Job Done

Before any of the work gets started, everything has to be taken out of the room.

Plastic will be used to collect all the removed chunks and particles. The whole room will be protected.

Some moisture is sprayed over the old ceiling. The water gets absorbed pretty quick and the texture turns soft.

As the old texture softens, it is easier to scrape off.

Gradually, all the old product is scraped off and on the floor.

The plastic is folded up and taken away.

The sheetrocked surface is mended if necessary, re-coated, smoothed and prepared for paint.

The final step is to carry out the priming and painting.

What Sort of Specialist Does This Work?

A good portion of these projects are completed by businesses who spend each day fixing ceilings and walls.

The remaining jobs are finished by drywall and painting contractors.

These companies can deal with any issue you have with any interior surfaces.

There’s an experienced specialist who will arrive and help you out.

Save Some Money By Doing the Job Yourself

A few homeowners want to save some cash, so they do it themselves.

Like other jobs in life, it looks easier than it really is.

If you have conducted home improvement projects before that have turned out great, perhaps you might try this one too.

But the majority of homeowners choose to get someone to do it for them.

Simi Valley Repairs

When textured ceilings require work to repair holes, dents or other problems, the work can be a little difficult.

Making the new texture blend in with the previous surface so no one can tell it had been repaired is the difficult part.

Professional work crews carry out these home repairs regularly.

They have overcome these problems before and are familiar with the techniques to make the final result look good.

Ceiling Cost Near Simi Valley

Interested in the cost? The normal price around here is somewhat predictable.

The primary price factor is the length of time the specialist believes the project will take.

Although it does not occur very often, sometimes asbestos is a factor.

Houses put together prior to 1980 could have some asbestos in them.

It’s possible to analyze yours if you aren’t positive yours is asbestos-free.

Obtaining the sample and carrying out the testing is easy.

All a homeowner has to do is mail in a small texture sample to a verification company.

You could find these tester kits at some online stores.

If you have asbestos, the removal service has to comply with stringent guidelines for how the procedure works.

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