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redone ceiling surface might seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

Why is There This Sort of Ceiling in My House?

This feature started being used in homes in the later ’50s.

House builders discovered this technique was quicker, and cheaper, than traditional preparation and painting.

Remodelers favored it because it was a good way to hide stains, patches or irregular ceilings.

Homeowners in Arizona also liked how it helped reduce noise a little in their home.

A problem with these first products is they contained some asbestos.

The popularity of these products started to change in the ’80s and ’90s too.

Quite a few homeowners began to prefer a ceiling surface that matched the walls.

Numerous homes built around town in neighborhoods like Grayhawk or McCormick Ranch in those years still have these types of ceilings in the bedrooms and hallways.

It’s unusual to see them in a bathroom or kitchen though.

Reasons Why Homeowners Want It Replaced

  • It’s almost impossible to clean
  • It’s a magnet for dust
  • It’s hard to paint when stained
  • It flakes off when bumped or touched
  • It’s hard to repair

Basic Steps Involved in the Procedure

Before anything else can happen, everything must be removed from the room.

In order to capture all of the material that falls, plastic sheeting will get put up across the room.

A little moisture is sprayed all over the old ceiling.

That moisture gets absorbed and the texture becomes pliable.

As the old texture softens, it is okay to scrape off.

Your specialist continues until all the old materials are on the floor.

It gets wrapped up and taken away.

Some surface repair is often required.

There may be new compound applications and smoothing.

And the final step is the priming and painting.

A Few Different Small Businesses Can Give You A Hand

There are individuals in this area who mostly specialize in performing these removal and replacement jobs.

The remaining jobs are worked on by drywall and paint companies who come across this routinely as they are doing bigger jobs.

Why not get somebody to take care of it for you.

Could I Do It Myself?

Some homeowners look into doing the job on their own.

It isn’t the most demanding house repair, but it’s dirty and not easy.

If you already have a little experience with sheetrock, you could try doing the work.

After most owners realize all the steps involved, they call in a specialist to do it.

Scottsdale Popcorn Ceiling Water Damage Repair

Mending dents, holes or doing other maintenance to textured ceilings is no easy task.

Blending the new texture with the old is one of the challenging problems.

Sheetrock specialists contend with these problems on a regular basis.

They know the tactics to use to get a terrific final result.

Scottsdale Ceiling Removal Cost

Need to know how much it might cost?

As you can probably guess, speedy jobs are less expensive than lengthy jobs.

The leading wild card with your pricing is asbestos.

Up to 1980, it was not uncommon for builders to use products which contained asbestos.

You can certainly test yours if you aren’t certain yours is asbestos-free.

At least the testing is simple. You or an inspector can do it.

To get your surface tested, all you have to do is grab a tiny sample of it and mail it to a screening service.

A small number of companies sell these tester kits. You can get yours at Amazon.

If your texture contains asbestos, it will require a more exhaustive removal process which will impact your cost.

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