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Why Did Builders Put These Acoustic Ceilings in New Houses?

This feature started being used in homes in the later 1950s.

It became popular with builders since it was faster to spray a rough ceiling than it was to perfectly smooth it and paint it.

People remodeling their houses enjoyed how quick it was to cover over spots, holes or previous repair mistakes.

And homeowners around Inland Empire at first thought this technique made their homes look fashionable.

A major problem of these early products is they contained some asbestos.

That, together with changing attitudes, caused them to gradually go out of favor with most homeowners and builders in the ’80s and beyond.

It’s common to see homes in Highland, Loma Linda or Colton which were constructed during this period to include acoustic ceilings in the bedroom, hallway or living room.

Elements Homeowners Today Don’t Like About Them

  • It’s hard to repair
  • It’s hard to paint
  • It falls off when touched
  • It gets too dusty
  • It’s too hard to clean or dust

What is the Replacement Procedure Like?

Step one is to remove absolutely everything from the room or rooms.

In order to capture all of the old texture that falls, plastic sheeting will get taped up across the room.

A little water is carefully sprayed on the old ceiling.

The water swiftly softens the old surface as it gets absorbed.

As the old texture becomes softer, it can be scraped away from the drywall.

It’s a slow-moving process, but after awhile all the old material is off and piled around the floor.

Then it’s bagged and hauled away.

The old surface will generally need some work before it can be painted. It must be even and made smooth first.

Finally, the primer and paint come out and it gets done.

An Experienced Person Can Help

Many of these jobs are carried out by small businesses or individuals who do almost nothing but drywall maintenance.

Other jobs are taken care of by drywall and painting companies who can do a number of renovation tasks.

These are the kind of businesses that can fix your problem near Redlands or Arrowhead areas.

Thinking About Doing the Work Yourself?

A few homeowners think about doing it by themselves.

It’s not the hardest remodeling job, but it isn’t much fun either.

The most difficult portion is making sure the surface is perfectly smooth for painting.

But the majority of these projects in our area are not completed by the homeowner.

Ceiling Repair Near Redlands or San Bernardino

Ceilings with texture on them can be a challenge to fix when they need it.

Making the area seem like the repair service never took place is the hardest part of the job.

Most homeowners have trouble doing repairs and making it look good, but a professional is usually pretty good at it.

San Bernardino Ceiling Removal Cost

Want to find out how much this work is going to cost around an area like Colton or Redlands CA?

The fee is mostly based on how long the work will take to be done.

Nearly all jobs are quite straightforward and go without a problem. However, occasionally asbestos is a factor.

Buildings constructed prior to 1980 may have some asbestos in them.

If you have doubts as to when your texture was put on, you should have it checked.

Running the screening isn’t hard. You or a drywall person could do it.

To do it yourself, you simply order a test kit, take a small sample and send it in for the testing.

These testing kits are purchased online.

Amazon is the most popular place to get them.

It’s really important to have the test completed. With any luck, your sample outcome will be fine.

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Many jobs are somewhat unique, but you can get an estimate without having someone inspect your home.

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