East Columbus Popcorn Ceiling Repair or Removal

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A Good Paint and Drywall Specialist Can Help

Talk to a local business you can trust to do a nice job.

These folks work on walls and ceilings all the time. They’ve gotten pretty good at it.

A fresh texture and some paint may be exactly what your room needed.

Why Does My House Have Those Acoustic Ceilings?

Home builders started doing these sprayed on ceiling treatments in the late ’50s.

Home building companies discovered it was faster to spray an unfinished ceiling than it was to carefully prepare and paint it.

This procedure assisted remodelers as it was an easy way to conceal holes, stains or uneven surfaces.

And homeowners around the Midwest at first thought this method made their houses look contemporary.

Unfortunately, a number of these early applications contained asbestos.

Beginning in the ’80s, builders started to use these products less.

These products were never intended to be put in a full bathroom or kitchen, but many Ohio houses still have them in the hallways, bedrooms or living room areas.

Benefits of Having Them Replaced

  • It’s hard to paint when discolored
  • It’s hard to repair or patch
  • It’s too hard to clean or dust
  • It collects a lot of dust
  • If you touch it – it crumbles

What Are the Steps Involved in This Process?

Your contractor will eliminate everything from the room – furniture, light fixtures, smoke detectors, outlet covers and ventilation covers.

There won’t be any mess because the whole room will get covered in plastic before the removal begins.

A little moisture is sprayed on the ceiling.

That moisture gets absorbed and the texture becomes pliable.

Once that old texture turns soft, it isn’t difficult to scrape it off.

Your specialist keeps going until all the materials are on the floor.

It gets wrapped up and hauled away.

The old surface might need some new joint compound and a decent smoothing before the priming begins.

Lastly, it gets primed and painted. Your room looks great.

Types of Home Services Companies Who Could Help

Most of the remove and replace jobs done in this area are handled by individuals that focus on doing it.

The remaining projects are managed by painting and drywall services who can perform a number of renovation tasks.

There’s a pro near Reynoldsburg or Gahanna who can drive over and help you get it done.

Most Homeowners Have Someone Else Do It

A few homeowners think about doing the job on their own.

Working above your head on a step stool for hours isn’t any fun.

The hardest element is preparing the surface totally smooth so you can paint it.

While a few owners give some thought to attempting the job themselves, they almost always decide not to.

Reynoldsburg Ceiling Repair

Working on a ceiling which has a textured surface can be difficult.

Getting the mended area to resemble the original area may be the difficult step of this job.

Someone who has performed a number of these projects has learned from their previous mistakes. They understand how to do it properly.

How Much Does Ceiling Repair Cost In East Columbus?

Have questions regarding what the cost range is for most homeowners close to Whitehall or Gahanna?

Fees can vary, but the single primary factor is the amount of time it will take to finish.

It doesn’t appear often, but some of these older textures have asbestos in them.

Some home builders were adding asbestos into homes prior to 1980.

Should you have an older home and you are unsure what type of sprayed product you have, you should have it verified.

Completing the testing process is easy enough for a homeowner to complete.

To get yours tested, all you have to do is take a tiny sample of it and mail it to a screening service.

It’s easy to go online and get one of these kits.

If your sample tests positive for asbestos, it will require a more comprehensive removal course of action which will affect your cost.

Job Estimates for Homeowners On Either Side of I-270

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