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Sheetrock and Paint Projects

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Why Did Builders Put These Acoustic Ceilings in Homes?

This treatment began being used in home building in the later ’50s.

Building firms liked this unique approach because they found it a bit faster and less expensive than painting.

Remodelers favored it because it was a good way to disguise stains, patched areas or irregular ceilings.

Homeowners around California initially thought it was modern and fashionable too.

A number of these products utilized asbestos.

This was the largest element that assisted in the loss of their popularity.

Many builders began to go back to smooth finishes and paint as the ’80s ended.

It’s still pretty common to see these characteristics in houses around Alta Loma and Red Hill Park although you will see them less and less.

Aspects of These Textured Surfaces Owners Don’t Like

  • “They can collect a lot of dust”
  • “Little bits flake off when you touch them”
  • “They are hard to paint”
  • “It’s hard to patch them”
  • “They are impossible to clean”

So How Does the Normal Process Work?

Before the real work begins, everything that can be taken out is removed.

This includes the furniture, vent covers, electrical outlet covers, light fixtures and the smoke detector.

In order to prevent any mess, your room will be covered in plastic sheeting which will collect all the stuff that falls down.

Moisture gets applied to the ceiling. The texture soaks up the water and becomes soft.

Once the old texture has become soft, it can be carefully scraped off the underlying sheetrock.

Once all the original wet texture is off, it’s wrapped up and taken away.

Some drywall repairs are usually needed.

Joints might need to be covered and the whole surface smoothed for priming.

And then the final step is to do the priming and painting.

Service in Your Neighborhood

Many of these repair jobs in this area are completed by individuals who focus on doing it pretty much exclusively.

Other projects are done by general paint and drywall companies who can take care of any interior surface problem.

Whichever sort of business you choose to call, you can get some great service near Foothill Freeway or Etiwanda.

Could I Do This Job By Myself?

Some individuals try to do this work themselves.

Like many other things in life, it looks easier than it really is.

If you already have a little experience with drywall, you could try doing the job.

Most homeowners end up calling someone to do the job.

Rancho Cucamonga Ceiling Repairs

Indoor surfaces with texture on them can be a challenge to fix.

Blending the repaired area into the old surface is often the challenging part.

Competent technicians are familiar with the tips and tricks to make it blend in and look nice when the work is done.

Old Ceiling Removal Cost

Want to find out how much this is going to cost in an area like Central Park or near downtown?

Your local specialist will base her or his price on how long your job is going to take them.

Additional variables may be involved as well. And asbestos may be a factor.

If you have a home which was constructed previous to 1980, it might have some asbestos.

If you know yours are all okay – that’s great. If you aren’t certain, you will need it checked out first.

In fact, most homeowners are able to complete the testing process themselves.

All you have to do is send in a tiny sample of your old sprayed surface to the testing company.

These testing kits are available for purchase online.

With any luck, your test will come back negative for asbestos.

A positive result will lead to a far more elaborate removal process.

Get a Price Quote

If you want, you can hear a work quote for your home.

Unless your situation is unusual, you should be able to find out the price before your project is started.

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