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A Little History Regarding These Acoustic Ceilings

New home builders started using this type of treatment back in the late ’50s.

Builders discovered that this technique was faster, and less costly, than traditional preparation and painting.

Remodelers appreciated it because it was an easy way to disguise stains, patched areas or irregular ceilings.

Homeowners in Minnesota initially thought it was contemporary and fashionable too.

There was a substantial problem with some of those preliminary products – they used asbestos.

Even though many homeowners don’t have a big preference, some did. Many building firms began using these applications less often.

You can still notice these features in many Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center homes.

They are almost always restricted to the living room, hallway and bedrooms, never in the kitchen or full bathroom.

Why Homeowners Want It Removed

  • It collects a lot of dust
  • It crumbles when touched
  • It’s hard to paint when discolored
  • It’s hard to patch
  • It’s not easy to clean

How It Gets Replaced

The very first thing your west Twin Cities specialist will do is clear out everything from the room.

This includes not just furniture, but also outlet covers, light fixtures, any vent covers and smoke detectors.

Plastic will be used to clean up all the falling pieces and particles. The whole room will get covered.

A little liquid solution is sprayed on the old surface area to soften it up enough so it will come off.

As the old texture becomes softer, it can be scraped off the drywall.

At some point, all the old product is scraped off and on the floor.

All the plastic is wrapped up and taken away.

The existing surface will probably need some repairs. At least, it should need to be smoothed and ready for paint.

Finally, the primer and paint come out and the job gets done.

Speak With a Qualified Person Near You

Some of these jobs of this type are addressed by individuals who specialize in doing it.

And lots of jobs are taken on by drywall and paint companies.

These crews have the appropriate experience to clean up any interior surface repair or other issue.

There’s an experienced specialist who could come from Maple Grove or Anoka and help you out.

Can I Do This Kind of Job Myself?

Some homeowners need to save some cash, so they will do it themselves.

Working over your head on ceilings isn’t much fun.

If you already have a little experience with drywall, you could try doing the job.

Many owners look into doing the work themselves, but they invariably decide not to.

Ceiling Repair and Painting Near Maple Grove

Mending or filling holes in textured ceilings can be a little tricky.

Getting the mended area to look like the existing surface may be the difficult step of this job.

Someone who has undertaken many of these repair projects has learned from their previous challenges. They know how to get it done successfully.

How Much Does Ceiling Repair Cost In West Minneapolis?

Are you a little curious what the job cost might be in an area around West Hennepin or South Anoka?

Prices are generally based on how long the project will take to complete, which is somewhat dependent on the dimensions of the room.

There’s one more element to know about. There was a time when manufacturers employed asbestos in their ceiling textures.

If your house was constructed before 1980, it might contain some asbestos.

You’ll want to simply examine yours if you are uncertain when yours was applied.

It’s easy to do the test. You can do it if you want to.

To have yours tested, all you need to do is grab a small sample of it and mail it to a testing service.

You can find these testing kits online. Most homeowners get theirs at Amazon.

If your texture tests positive for asbestos, it will need a more exhaustive removal procedure which will have an affect on your cost.

Work Estimates for MN Neighborhoods

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