Popcorn Ceiling Removal or Repair in Pittsburgh

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This Paint and Drywall Service Will Do It

A local sheetrock service has the expertise to talk about your situation.

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Your team has become good at scraping and resurfacing because they do it a lot of the time.

They show up on time and get the work done.

It will take your specialist a while to complete, but it’s going to look great when he or she is done.

How Come This Style Get Popular Anyway?

House builders started using these spray-on ceiling treatments in the late ’50s.

It became popular when builders found out they didn’t need to devote time and money preparing and painting a ceiling. They could simply spray it.

Remodelers found this procedure was perfect for covering over irregular surfaces, patched holes or stains.

Many Pennsylvania homeowners originally liked it too because it seemed fashionable at that time.

An issue of these initial products is they often contained some asbestos.

Even though many homeowners don’t have a strong preference, some do.

Many home builders began using these treatments less often.

Many houses constructed around here during this time had these acoustic ceilings in the bedrooms, hallways and living room areas.

The Problems These Types of Ceilings Have

  • “Little particles fall off when you touch them”
  • “Water stains are hard to paint right”
  • “Small sections are hard to repair”
  • “They get too dusty”
  • “They are not easy to clean”

The Scraping and Removal Process

Your PA specialist will eliminate all the stuff from the rooms – furniture, light fixtures, smoke detectors, outlet covers and ventilation covers.

Your room gets covered in plastic sheeting so there will be no mess during the scraping process.

A little moisture is sprayed all over the ceiling.

That moisture gets soaked up and the texture gets pliable.

Because the texture is soft, it can be properly scraped off.

As soon as all the old moistened texture is off, it’s bagged up and hauled away.

That old surface will usually need a little work before it can be painted. It must be even and made smooth first.

Lastly, the primer and paint come out and the job gets done.

Types of Home Services Companies Who Could Help

A portion of these projects of this type are addressed by individuals who specialize in doing it.

And many jobs are taken on by paint and drywall companies.

These crews have the appropriate experience to clean up all types of indoor surface repair or issue.

You can get an experienced pro to drive over and fix it for you.

Save Some Money By Doing the Job Yourself

Some folks try to do this job themselves.

Like many other things in life, it looks simpler than it really is.

The removal part of the job is not hard.

It’s the careful sheetrock prep work that is troublesome.

But the majority of owners decide to get someone to complete the work for them.

Pittsburgh Popcorn Ceiling Water Damage Repair

Repairing a hole, dent or water stain in a textured ceiling can be challenging.

How you get the new texture to match with the original texture is the hard part.

A sheetrock specialist is able to do it so the end result looks good.

What Will Removal Cost in Pittsburgh?

Are you interested in what the job cost could be close to you?

The estimated length of the job is the principal cost factor.

Jobs which will take longer will cost more.

And in certain worst case scenarios, that texture might have some asbestos in it.

It was pretty accepted for builders to use asbestos products prior to 1980.

If you don’t know for sure that yours is free of asbestos, you have to have it tested.

You could even handle the test yourself. You won’t need to have anyone come over.

To get yours evaluated, you just need to mail in a pretty small sample for screening.

It’s simple to obtain a test kit online through a website such as Amazon.

Most test samples won’t have asbestos in them, but it’s fundamental to verify it to be sure.

Get an Estimate in Your Allegheny County Community

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Good results at an affordable price can be had by property owners close to downtown, Uptown, Middle Hill, Bedford, Oakland, Squirrel Hill, University districts, Highland Park, The Zoo area, Hazelwood, Bloomfield, Larimer, Lawrenceville, the Strip district, Mount Washington, Airport area, Sheraden, Moon Park, Ingram, McKees Rocks, Robinson Township and Kennedy Township.

And folks in suburbs can get assistance too – Bethel Park and the South Side; Allegheny City and the North Side; Penn Hills and the East Side.

Not Sure Where to Start?

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Affordable Help Near These Allegheny County Locations

  • Downtown and Uptown
  • Middle Hill
  • Bedford
  • Oakland
  • Squirrel Hill North
  • Squirrel Hill South
  • The University districts
  • Highland Park
  • The zoo and aquarium areas
  • Hazelwood
  • Bloomfield
  • Larimer
  • Lawrenceville
  • Mount Washington
  • the Airport area
  • Sheraden
  • Moon Park
  • Ingram
  • McKees Rocks
  • Robinson Township
  • Kennedy Township
  • Most other suburbs as well

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