Removing a Popcorn Ceiling Near Pasadena CA

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This California Paint and Drywall Service Will Do It

A good place to begin is by speaking to a drywall and paint specialist.

They do this type of project on a regular basis.

You can hire a pro to carry out your job, they get it done and you’ll have minimal mess.

It will take your specialist some time to finish, but it’s going to look nice when he or she gets done.

Why Did Builders Put Acoustic Ceilings in So Many Houses?

This treatment began being used in houses in the later 1950s.

They liked utilizing it because it was easy and cheaper than the painting process.

Remodelers discovered this technique was ideal for covering over irregular surfaces, holes or stains.

City of Roses homeowners originally enjoyed it too because it seemed fashionable at that time.

Unfortunately, a number of the initial manufacturers of these products used asbestos.

That, in addition to changing attitudes, caused them to slowly go out of favor with most builders and homeowners in the ’80s and beyond.

Homes in Altadena or Arcadia often have these textures in the hallway, bedrooms and living room, but rarely in a kitchen or a full bathroom.

Why These Textured Ceilings May Annoy Homeowners

  • It’s hard to clean or dust
  • It collects dust
  • Small repairs are hard to paint
  • It falls off when touched
  • It’s hard to match small repairs

What Are the Steps Included in This Process?

To begin with, your SoCal contractor will take everything from the room – the furniture, light fixture, smoke detector, outlet covers and ventilation covers.

Plastic sheeting is put up around the room to catch all the falling pieces.

Water is carefully sprayed on the ceiling.

As the water soaks in, the texture gets soft and loosens up.

A scraping tool will be used to take off the softened texture.

As soon as it’s all scraped off and onto the floor, all the plastic sheeting is carefully folded up and it’s taken away.

The existing surface might need a little repair.

At a minimum, it should need to be smoothed and ready for paint.

Finally it’s time to get out the primer and paint.

There Are Individuals Who Can Help

A portion of the removing and replacement projects that take place are performed by small businesses who specialize in these types of jobs.

Other jobs are worked on by drywall and paint companies who come across this quite often when they are undertaking bigger projects.

There’s a pro near Azusa or Alhambra who can drive over and help you with it.

Save Money By Doing All the Work Yourself

If you want to try doing it yourself, you could.

Like the majority of jobs, it’s a little harder than it looks.

You might be capable of doing it by yourself. Maybe it’ll look just right when you’re done.

After thinking about it, most homeowners call in someone to do it for them.

Pasadena Popcorn Ceiling Water Damage Repair

When textured ceilings need work to repair dents, holes or other damage, the task can be a little difficult.

How you get the new texture to match up with the initial texture is the hard part.

Professional work crews perform these repairs on a regular basis.

They have managed these problems before and know the techniques to make the final result look good.

Scraping and Removal Cost Near Pasadena

Are you concerned what the price might be close to San Gabriel or Monterey Park?

The primary price factor the number of hours the specialist believes the project will take.

And in a small number of worst case scenarios, your sprayed texture may have some asbestos in it.

Some builders were adding asbestos into houses previous to 1980.

You’ll have yours verified if you have any reservations about yours.

Running the testing isn’t hard. You or a drywall person could do it.

To get your surface tested, all you need to do is grab a tiny sample of it and send it to a testing service.

It’s easy to purchase a test kit online through a site such as Amazon.

If your test sample has asbestos in it, it only means your eradication process will be much more demanding.

Homeowners in Your Community Can Get an Estimate

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