Removing a Popcorn Ceiling Near Paradise NV

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Sheetrock and Paint Projects

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Why Did Builders Install These Acoustic Ceilings in New Houses?

In the final years of the 1950s, home construction companies began using this technique in their new houses.

It became widely used because it was simpler and cheaper than painting and they thought it may help reduce noise.

People doing redecorating found that it was an instant solution to conceal uneven surfaces, stains, small holes or mistakes.

Nevada homeowners originally liked it too because it appeared stylish at that time.

Unfortunately, a few of the initial suppliers of these products used asbestos.

Although many homeowners didn’t have a big preference, some did. Many house builders began using these treatments less frequently.

Houses built during this time period often had acoustical ceilings put in the bedrooms, hallways and living room.

Bathrooms and kitchens did not get them, however.

This Type of Surface Has Some Issues:

  • You can’t clean or dust it
  • It flakes off when bumped or touched
  • It’s hard to paint
  • Small dents or holes are hard to fix
  • It gets too dusty

What’s the Process Like?

Your contractor will get rid of everything from the rooms – furniture, light fixtures, smoke detectors, electrical outlet covers and ventilation covers.

Plastic sheeting is positioned all over the room to capture any falling particles.

A little water is put on to the ceiling. The surface soaks it in and turns soft.

As the old texture softens, it is easier to scrape off.

The process keeps going until all the material has been taken off. It gets collected up and hauled off.

The existing surface will most likely need some work before it can be primed and painted. It must be even and made smooth first.

And the final part is the priming and painting.

Help in Your Neighborhood

A percentage of these projects of this type are addressed by people who specialize in doing it.

And the balance of these projects are completed by drywall and painting contractors who have crews with experience in numerous interior surface repair.

Either form of company could help you out.

Is This A Project I Could Try On My Own?

If you want to try doing the job yourself, you certainly could.

This job gets sloppy and you should understand how to deal with it so it doesn’t get all over your house.

If you have a lot of confidence plus the free time to do it, You may try doing it.

Most homeowners end up calling in help instead of trying to do the job by themselves.

Paradise Popcorn Ceiling Stain Repair

Mending or filling holes in textured ceilings can be a challenge.

Making the new texture to look like the old texture is the tricky part.

People who work on these types of repairs each week are good at executing the final finish work.

Paradise Removal and Repair Prices

Are you wondering what this job might cost close to the U District or the Strip area?

The cost is largely based on how long the job will take to get finished.

Additional variables may be involved though. Asbestos may be a factor.

If you own a place which was built prior to 1980, it could have some asbestos in it.

You should have yours inspected if you have any reservations about yours.

The test process is simple. You will handle it yourself.

To get your surface checked, all you have to do is take a small sample of it and mail it to a testing service.

You could find these test kits at some online stores.

For those who have asbestos, the removal company has to abide by strict guidelines for how the process works.

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