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Why Do We Have These Kinds of Ceilings in Our Houses?

New home builders started using this type of treatment back in the later 1950s.

Home builders liked it when they found out they didn’t have to spend so much time carefully finishing and painting ceilings.

People remodeling their houses enjoyed how convenient it was to disguise spots, holes or prior repair mistakes.

Many Illinois homeowners originally liked it too because it was fashionable at the time.

However, in the early stages, some of these treatments used asbestos.

After living with these acoustical ceilings for a few years, many homeowners began to see their disadvantages.

It’s common to find homes near Ashburn or Trinity Park which were constructed during this time to include acoustic ceilings in the bedroom, hallway or living room.

Five Reasons To Have Them Scraped Off

  • It flakes off when bumped or touched
  • It attracts dust
  • It’s hard to patch or repair
  • It’s not easy to clean
  • Spots are hard to paint

How It Will Get Taken Down

Before the real work begins, everything that can be taken out is removed.

This includes all the furniture, vent covers, electrical outlet covers, light fixtures and the smoke detector.

The room gets protected in plastic sheeting so there won’t be any mess during the scraping process.

A liquid solution is thoroughly sprayed on the old surface.

The moisture gets absorbed quickly and the old surface turns softer.

As the old texture softens up, it is set to scrape off.

The process keeps going until all the original material has been taken off. It gets gathered up and carted off.

The existing surface might need some repairs. At the very least, it should need to be smoothed and ready for paint.

And then it’s ready for priming and painting.

Who Could You Call To Do Your Project?

A number of the folks who perform this type of work commit most of their work days exclusively on maintenance projects like this.

The remaining projects are managed by drywall and painting companies who can perform a variety of improvement projects.

These are the kind of businesses that can deal with your problem near Garfield Ridge or Orland Park.

Can a Homeowner Do the Job?

This is not the most difficult job. But it’s not easy either.

It isn’t any fun to do. You just have to prepare for the mess.

The scraping element is not real difficult; the sheetrock repair and paint preparation is where most folks screw up.

After looking into the options, most owners find themselves calling in a professional to do it.

Popcorn Ceiling Hole Repair Near Orland Park IL

Fixing a hole, dent or water stain in a textured ceiling is difficult.

The final step of getting the new finish to match the old is often where a homeowner fails.

Someone who has completed many of these projects has learned from their previous challenges. They know how to do the job successfully.

Oak Lawn Ceiling Removal Cost

Wondering what will this type of work cost near your neighborhood?

Costs vary from one home to the next, but the main factor is how long the job will take.

If your home is of a certain age, there is a slight possibility you could have some asbestos in it.

Up until 1980, it was common for building contractors to use a few products which included asbestos.

If you do not know for certain that yours is free of asbestos, you or your technician will have it inspected.

In fact, homeowners can perform the testing process themselves.

If you wish to do it yourself, you can order a simple test kit and mail in a small sample to a screening company.

These kits can be found at some online stores.

If you have asbestos, don’t get worried. Your removal company understands how to do it safely and securely.

Cost Estimates for IL Homeowners

You can get an estimate for your room or rooms.

Sometimes you may be in a situation which is hard to quote over the phone, but you will still receive a general estimate figure.

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