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Why Do I Have These Acoustic Ceilings?

During the late ’50s, home builders started using this spray-on method in their new houses.

Building contractors learned that they didn’t need to spend so much time prepping and painting ceilings. They appreciated that quite a bit.

People remodeling their homes liked how uncomplicated it was to cover over spots, dents or prior repair mistakes.

Homeowners around the Midwest initially thought it was contemporary and fashionable too.

One enormous problem – there was asbestos in some of the early products.

That, together with changing attitudes, caused them to slowly go out of favor with most homeowners and builders in the ’80s and beyond.

Kitchen areas or full bathrooms almost never had these acoustic features.

But some St Charles County houses built around this time will have them in other rooms.

Five Things Folks Don’t Like About It

  • It’s hard to patch or repair
  • Little particles fall off when you touch it
  • It’s a magnet for dust
  • It’s difficult to dust or clean
  • Small spots are hard to repaint

What a Homeowner Could Expect During the Procedure

Before anything happens, everything has to be removed from the rooms.

Plastic sheeting will be put up all over the room to trap every piece that comes down.

A little water is sprayed on the old surface. As it gets soaked in, the surface becomes softer.

A scraping tool is used to take off the softened texture.

The scraping continues until all of it is on the plastic covered floor. Then it is carted away.

The surface is not yet ready for painting. It will need to be smoothed and made perfect.

Finally, the primer and paint come out and it gets done.

Folks Who Do This Type of Work

A lot of these maintenance projects are carried out by individuals who spend most days doing this kind of indoor sheetrock improvement.

The rest of the projects are handled by general paint and drywall companies who can take on any interior surface situation.

These are the type of companies that can fix your problem near St. Charles or St. Peters.

Interested in Doing the Work On Your Own?

If you wish to save some money, you could try doing it yourself.

It becomes a messy and dirty task. And it’s really not easy to work over your head either.

The hardest aspect is preparing the surface totally smooth so you can prime and paint it.

Most homeowners wind up calling someone else to do it.

O’Fallon Popcorn Ceiling Repairs

Ceilings with texture on them can be a challenge to repair when they need it.

How you get the new texture to match with the existing texture is the difficult part.

Most homeowners will have trouble doing repairs, but a specialist is typically pretty good at it.

Ceiling Replacement Cost Near St. Peters

Are you a bit curious what the job cost may be in an area like St Charles or St Peters?

The fee is mostly based on the dimensions of the room and how long the project will take to do.

The majority of jobs are quite straightforward and go without a problem. However, sometimes asbestos is a factor.

If your home was constructed prior to 1980, there’s a possibility it has some asbestos.

Before taking yours off, you ought to get it analyzed.

The testing is super easy. You can do it if you want to.

All you have to do is submit a tiny sample of your texture to a testing service.

You can get these test kits at some online retailers.

If your package gets marked positive for asbestos, you’ll be required to have a more complex elimination process.

Work Quotes for for Neighborhood

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