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Why Do Houses Have These Acoustic Ceilings?

This feature started being used in homes in the late ’50s.

Building contractors found out they didn’t have to put in so much time preparing and painting ceilings. They appreciated that a lot.

Remodeling companies appreciated it because it was a fast way to cover up stains, patched holes or uneven surfaces.

Many home owners around the city also liked how it helped soundproof their house.

There was a major issue with some of those preliminary products – they used asbestos.

During the ’80s, a percentage of builders started to return to standard finishes and paint.

Houses in Allegheny County often have these textures in the hallway, bedrooms and living room, but rarely in a kitchen or a full bathroom.

What Folks Think About Them

  • “You can’t clean them very well”
  • “They are hard to repair or patch”
  • “They can collect a lot of dust”
  • “If you touch them – they crumble”
  • “They are hard to paint when discolored or stained”

Just How It All Works

The first thing your specialist will do is clear out everything from the room.

This is not just furniture, but also electric outlet covers, light fixtures, any smoke detectors or vent covers.

Plastic sheeting is placed all over the room to collect any falling particles.

A little liquid solution is sprayed on the old surface to soften it up enough so it will come off.

The surface is slowly and carefully scraped.

Your specialist keeps going until all the old materials are on the floor.

It gets bagged up and hauled away.

Some repairs are often needed.

Joints may need to be covered and the whole surface smoothed for painting.

The job ends with the new surface being primed and painted.

What Sort of Contractor Does This Work?

A lot of the replacement projects done in this area are taken on by individuals that specialize in doing it.

But a lot of Bethel Park homeowners call in a drywall or paint company to handle the job.

These companies have expertise in many different interior surface repairs.

There’s someone near West Mifflin or Bethel Park who can handle it for you.

Maybe I Could Do It Myself?

Certain parts of this job are easy; other parts are hard and messy.

It makes a mess, and the first time you attempt it is going to be a little difficult.

If you have a little experience in this area, you could probably try it.

But making the end product seem perfect is challenging.

But most homeowners choose to contact someone to complete the work for them.

Ceiling Repair and Painting Near Mt Lebanon

Mending dents, holes or doing other maintenance to textured ceilings can be difficult.

The difficult part is matching up the newest texture with the existing texture.

People who work on these types of repairs all the time are good at completing the important final finishing work.

Ceiling Removal Cost Near South Hills of Pittsburgh

What will this type of job cost around North Huntingdon or Bethel Park?

The estimated length of the project is the key cost factor. Jobs that take longer are going to cost more.

One difficult issue that may surface is asbestos.

Luckily, it doesn’t occur too often.

Some building contractors were adding asbestos products into homes previous to 1980.

You should have yours checked out if there are doubts about the time period of yours.

The test is so easy you won’t need to have anybody help you.

If you can grab a small sample and send it in, you will discover what your surface is made of.

These kits can be found at some online stores.

Should you have asbestos, the removal service has to stick to strict guidelines for how the procedure works.

Get a Cost Estimate for Your Area

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Some projects are a bit unique, but you should be able to get an estimate without having somebody inspect your home.

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