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Why Did People Think These Acoustic Ceilings Were a Wise Idea?

In the late 1950s, these spray-on features slowly became popular with home builders.

Builders discovered that this technique was quicker, and less costly, than old fashioned surface preparation and painting.

Remodelers who were fixing irregular surfaces, holes or stains found this technique was an ideal way to cover them up.

SoCal homeowners liked it too because it helped with reducing noise inside the house.

Regrettably, some of the initial suppliers of these products used asbestos.

While a good many homeowners don’t have a big preference, some did.

Many builders started using these materials less frequently.

You can still see these features in many Sycamore Canyon, Mead Valley and Lake Perris area houses.

They are almost always restricted to the living room, hallway and bedrooms, never in the kitchen or full bathroom.

This Type of Textured surface Has Some Issues

  • It’s hard to dust or clean
  • It collects a lot of dust
  • Spots are hard to paint
  • It flakes off when bumped or touched
  • It’s hard to repair

The Way It Will Get Removed

Before anything happens, everything has to be removed from the rooms.

In order to capture all of the falling texture, the whole room is covered in plastic sheeting.

A little moisture is sprayed all over the old ceiling.

That moisture gets soaked up and the texture gets pliable.

Once the texture is soft enough, it can be carefully scraped off.

An hour or two later, all the texture is pulled off and piled on the floor.

It gets wrapped up and taken out.

The old surface is almost always somewhat rough.

It might need some attention to conceal seams and make it all smooth.

And when all of that is done, it’s time for priming and paint.

Discuss With Someone Who Can Help You Out

A large portion of these jobs are performed by individuals who spend all day fixing ceilings and walls.

But a lot of projects are completed by paint and drywall contractors.

These crews have the necessary experience to clean up any type of indoor surface replacement or issue.

These are the type of businesses that could fix your problem east of Riverside.

Is This A Project I Could Try On My Own?

Some folks ask if they should try doing this work themselves.

Doing work over your head on ceilings is not enjoyable.

The removal process is sloppy, but not really challenging.

Getting the sheetrock perfectly smooth is the trickier part.

But the majority of owners decide to get someone to do the job for them.

Moreno Valley Ceiling Repairs

Making repairs to a textured acoustic ceiling is difficult.

Blending the new texture with the previous style is one of the tricky problems.

Most homeowners have trouble with it when they attempt to make repairs look good.

Ceiling Replacement Cost Near Moreno Valley

Are you wondering what this job might cost around March ARB or Valley View High School?

Cost varies somewhat from one home to the next, but the primary factor is how long the job will take.

Almost all jobs are pretty straightforward and proceed without a problem.

However, occasionally old asbestos is a factor.

Some builders were putting asbestos products into homes prior to 1980.

If you own an older place and you are unsure what kind of product you have, you should have it tested.

At least the testing is easy. You or your drywall person can do it.

All a homeowner needs to do is mail in a tiny ceiling surface sample to the testing service.

You can find your kit online at stores such as Amazon.

If you have asbestos, don’t worry. Your removal company knows how to get it done safely and by the rules.

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