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Why is There This Type of Ceiling in My Home?

This sort of surface feature started being used a lot in the ’50s.

It promptly became popular with numerous building companies.

Builders appreciated this unique approach because they thought it was a little faster and cheaper than painting.

Home remodelers appreciated how it was a good way to conceal stains, small holes, uneven surfaces or other problems.

West Coast homeowners enjoyed it as well because it was stylish and helped with noise reduction.

However, at the beginning, some of these materials used asbestos.

Builders began utilizing these products less and less as the ’80s and ’90s went on.

It’s typical to see properties near South Montebello or Whittier which have these acoustical ceilings if they were constructed during these years.

Five Problems With This kind of Textured Surface

  • “Water stains are hard to paint right”
  • “They collect dust”
  • “If you touch them – they crumble”
  • “They are hard to repair or patch”
  • “They are not easy to clean”

The Usual Process for Getting This Done

Before the real work begins, anything that can be moved out is removed.

This includes all the furniture, electrical outlet covers, vent covers, light fixtures and the smoke detector.

Plastic sheeting is positioned all around the room to grab any falling particles.

A little water is thoroughly sprayed on the old ceiling.

The water quickly softens the old texture as it gets absorbed.

A scraping tool is used to take off the softened texture.

The process keeps going until all the original material has been taken off. It gets gathered up and carted off.

The existing surface might need a little repair.

At the very least, it will need to be smoothed and ready for primer.

And the job concludes with getting primed and painted.

What Type of Contractor Does This Work?

Many of these jobs are carried out by individuals who’s only business is working on ceilings and walls.

Other jobs are completed by drywall and paint companies who come across this routinely when they are performing bigger projects.

There’s a specialist near Rosemead Blvd or Passons Blvd who can drive over and help you out.

Want To Try Doing The Job Yourself?

You could always try it yourself.

Spending hours on a small ladder reaching above your head can get tiresome.

The most challenging part is preparing the surface flawlessly smooth so you can prime and paint it.

But the majority of owners decide to contact someone to do the job for them.

Ceiling Repair and Painting Near Pico Rivera

Making repairs to a textured acoustic ceiling is kind of difficult.

The primary struggle is to get the new texture to match the old.

Experienced technicians know the tips and tricks to make it look nice when the work is done.

Montebello Removal and Repair Cost

Want to know how much this work is likely to cost in an area such as South Whittier?

The fee is mainly dependent on the size of the room and how long the project will take.

One thing to take into consideration, a few houses may have asbestos in their ceilings.

Homes built before 1980 might have products which were made with asbestos in them.

Before taking yours off, you must get it tested.

Obtaining your sample and carrying out the test is easy.

In order to do it yourself, you simply buy a test kit, obtain a small surface sample and send it in for the testing.

You can get these tester kits at some online stores.

If your sample contains asbestos, you will need a more comprehensive removal process which will impact your cost.

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