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Why Do I Have These Acoustic Ceilings?

In the last years of the ’50s, home construction companies began using this treatment in their new buildings.

Builders discovered that this technique was quicker, and less expensive, than regular preparation and painting.

Remodelers liked it because it was a simple way to conceal stains, patched areas or irregular ceilings.

Many homeowners in the Upper Midwest also liked how it helped reduce noise a little in their house.

Unfortunately, at the beginning, some of these treatments used asbestos.

This concern, plus a gradual change in outlook towards them, helped them to decrease in popularity with homeowners in the 1980s.

Many homes built around Minneapolis during this period had these acoustic ceilings in the hallways, bedrooms and living room areas.

Reasons Why Owners Want It Replaced

  • It flakes off when you touch it
  • It attracts dust
  • It’s hard to repair or patch
  • It’s hard to clean or dust
  • It’s hard to paint

How Does the Normal Process Work?

The beginning step your Twin Cities specialist takes is to clear away all the items from the room.

Besides the furniture, this also includes any smoke detectors, vent covers, electrical outlet covers or light fixtures.

Plastic sheeting will get put up all over the room to trap every particle that comes off.

The surface has a little water solution sprayed on it. The existing texture soaks it up and starts to turn soft.

The old texture can now be scraped off the original sheetrock.

It’s a slow process, but after awhile all the old material is taken off and piled around the floor. Then it’s bagged and hauled away.

The existing surface might need some repairs. At least, it should need to be smoothed and ready for primer.

The final steps are priming and painting. That’s it.

Who Does This Work?

Some of these jobs are carried out by individuals who’s only service is repairing ceilings and walls.

The other jobs are handled by drywall and painting services who can perform a number of remodeling projects.

Either form of service could help you out in neighborhoods like Hopkins or Chaska.

Not Too Many Homeowners Try It Themselves

Some homeowners look into doing the job by themselves, but they change their mind.

Like many other things in life, it looks less difficult than it really is.

If you consider yourself to be a handyman, you could possibly try this.

It might not end up perfect, but it may look okay.

Although some homeowners evaluate the do-it-yourself option, most jobs get worked on by a pro.

Minnetonka Popcorn Ceiling Stain Repair

When textured ceilings need work to repair small holes or other problems, the work can be somewhat difficult.

The main struggle is to get the new texture to match up with the old.

Someone who has completed many of these projects has learned from their previous mistakes. They understand how to get it done successfully.

Ceiling Cost Near Eden Prairie

Are you curious about what the price is going to be around the southwest Minneapolis suburbs?

The main factor drywall specialists take into account when determining price is how long the job will take.

One thing to be aware of, some houses may have asbestos in their ceilings.

Before 1980, some building contractors were using products which used small amounts of asbestos.

If you have any concerns about the composition of the surfaces in your home, you’ll want to have it checked.

The test is so effortless you won’t need to have anyone do it for you.

To make it happen yourself, you get a test kit, grab a small surface sample and mail it in for testing.

You can find these screening kits online. Most folks get theirs at Amazon.

If your test sample has asbestos in it, it only means your elimination process will be more demanding.

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