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Paint and Drywall Repairs

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These Acoustic Ceilings – Why Do We Have Them?

House builders started using these sprayed on ceiling treatments in the late ’50s.

It was favored by builders since it reduced the time spent on preparing ceilings for paint.

Remodeling companies now had a simple way to handle stains, holes or uneven surfaces and cover them over.

Many homeowners in the upper Midwest also preferred this technique because it looked fresh and different.

There was an important problem with some of these early materials – they included asbestos.

Starting in the ’80s, builders started to use these products much less.

Kitchens or full bathrooms rarely had these acoustic features.

But many properties built during this time do have them in some other rooms.

Reasons Why WI Homeowners Don’t Like These Surfaces Today

  • “They flake off when bumped or touched”
  • “Small repairs are hard to paint perfectly”
  • “They are hard to patch or repair”
  • “They are hard to dust or clean”
  • “They collect a lot of dust”

Just How Does the Normal Process Work?

The first step is to remove absolutely everything from the room or rooms.

Plastic will be used to capture all the falling chunks and particles. The whole room will be covered.

A little moisture is sprayed on the old ceiling.

This moisture gets soaked up and the texture gets pliable.

As the old texture gets soft, it can be carefully scraped away from the drywall.

The scraping process won’t stop until it is all down on the floor. Then it is simply hauled out.

The old surface will probably need some repairs. At a minimum, it should need to be smoothed and ready for paint.

Last of all, the primer and paint come out and the job gets done.

The Type of Business To Call

There are two kinds of individuals who take on this kind of work.

The first group are sheetrock repair specialists. They do this kind of work every week.

But many of the other jobs are performed by paint and drywall services.

They have experience replacing and fixing all sorts of interior surfaces.

A trained drywall technician can get it done for you in areas around the city.

Most Homeowners Bring In Someone Else To Do the Work

Sure, you could always attempt it yourself.

It makes a mess, and the very first time you attempt it is going to be a little difficult.

You might be capable of doing it by yourself. Maybe it will look just right when you’re done.

But the majority of homeowners choose to call someone to do the job for them.

Milwaukee Ceiling Repairs

Fixing a hole or doing other maintenance to an acoustic ceiling isn’t always simple.

How you get the new texture to match with the initial texture is the difficult part.

Sheetrock repair experts understand the methods on how to do it right.

What Will it Cost in Milwaukee?

Want some information on the common cost for homeowners around here?

When figuring out the price tag of your job, most sheetrock specialists will give attention to the number of hours the job will take.

If your home is of a certain age, it’s possible you might have asbestos in it.

Houses built earlier than 1980 could contain some asbestos.

If you are having concerns about the composition of the texture in your house, you need to have it checked out.

Starting the screening is not difficult. You or a drywall person can do it.

A homeowner just purchases an evaluation kit, pulls off a small sample of the sprayed texture and sends it in for testing.

You can get these screening kits online. They are not very expensive.

Most owners won’t have asbestos in the sample, but screening it is important.

Find a Quote in Your Part of the City

Many homeowners prefer to find out the price before the work starts.

You will be able to get an advance quote before your work begins.

Call for professional results close to downtown, Veterans Park, Lower East Side, Riverside Park, Upper East Side, Brewer’s Hill, Hayward Park, Riverwest, Marquette University area, Midtown, Concordia, Mitchell Park, Burnham Park, Bay View, Lincoln Village and Jackson Park.

Help is available in the suburbs too – South Milwaukee, North Milwaukee or West Milwaukee.

Where to Begin

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It takes just a minute to get all the information.

Might just as well start today – why not?

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