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Those Acoustic Ceilings – How Come We Have Them?

These spray-on elements became popular in the late 1950s.

It became popular with building firms since it was faster to spray a rough ceiling than it was to smooth it and paint it.

People doing redecorating discovered that it was a simple way to cover up uneven surfaces, spots, small holes or mistakes.

Quite a few homeowners in the East Valley thought this new method made their houses look trendy. So they liked it also.

But there was a huge problem. Some of the products contained asbestos.

During the ’80s, a percentage of builders began to return to typical finishes and paint.

Houses around Phoenix and the East Valley often have these textures in the bedrooms, hallway and living room, but rarely in the kitchen or a full bathroom.

Five Reasons To Have It Scraped Off

  • “They are hard to patch or repair”
  • “They flake off when bumped or touched”
  • “Spots are difficult to touch up”
  • “They are hard to dust or clean”
  • “They get dusty”

The Way It Gets Taken Down

First, everything in the room gets removed. This includes light fixtures, electrical outlet covers and smoke detectors along with the furniture.

The room gets blanketed in plastic sheeting so there will be no mess during the scraping process.

A water solution is carefully sprayed on the ceiling. As the water soaks in, the texture gets soft and loosens up.

As the old texture gets softer, it can be gently scraped off the drywall.

The texture is pulled off and hauled away.

Some surface repair is usually needed.

There may be some new compound applications and smoothing.

Then it’s time for priming and painting.

There Are People Who Can Help

There are two categories of people who take on this type of project.

The first group are sheetrock repair specialists. These folks do this type of work all the time.

And quite a few jobs are carried out by drywall and painting companies.

They can handle any issue you have with any indoor surfaces.

Whichever Maricopa County business you call, you will get it addressed.

Could I Do This Job Myself?

A few homeowners consider doing the job by themselves.

Working above your head on ceilings is not a fun job.

If you are moderately handy, you could try doing it yourself. You could possibly end up doing a good job.

While a few owners consider attempting the job themselves, they almost always decide not to.

Repair Prices in the Mesa Area

Want to find out how much this may cost in areas east of Phoenix and Tempe?

When determining a project price, most contractors first take into account the length of time the job will take them to do.

It doesn’t come about often, but some of these textures still have asbestos in them.

Some home builders were adding asbestos into houses previous to 1980.

If you know yours are all okay – that’s great. If you aren’t certain, you will need it analyzed first.

Completing the testing procedure is easy enough for any homeowner to do.

All a homeowner has to do is send in a small ceiling surface sample to a evaluation service.

These kits are offered at some online specialty stores.

If your test sample has asbestos in it, you can still get the work done, it just means your eradication procedure will be more intricate.

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