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How Did Acoustic Ceilings Get Into So Many Homes?

This feature began being used in homes in the later 1950s.

It grew popular when building firms found out they didn’t need to devote time and money preparing and painting a ceiling.

It was easy. They could just spray it on.

This procedure was a fast way for remodelers to cover over stains, holes or mistakes.

California homeowners appreciated it too because it helped with reducing noise inside the home.

But there was asbestos in many of those early on products.

The popularity of these products started to change in the ’80s and ’90s too.

Many owners began to want a ceiling surface that matched their walls.

Houses built near South Gate or Cudahy around this time often had these acoustic ceilings put in the bedrooms, hallways and living room.

Bathrooms and kitchens did not get them.

Issues with These Textured Surfaces Owners Don’t Like

  • “It’s hard to patch them”
  • “If you bump them – bits fall down”
  • “Water stains are hard to paint right”
  • “They are too hard to clean”
  • “They collect a lot of dust”

What a Homeowner Could Expect During the Procedure

Before anything else can happen, everything must be removed from the rooms.

The entire room will get covered in plastic to capture each particle of the dropping texture.

A little moisture is sprayed all over the ceiling.

That moisture gets absorbed and the texture gets pliable.

As the old texture softens, it is easier to scrape off.

As soon as it is all scraped off and onto the floor, the plastic sheeting is carefully folded up and it’s taken away.

The existing surface will probably need some repairs.

At the very least, it should need to be smoothed and ready for paint.

And the project gets finished with primer and paint.

A Knowledgeable Repair Individual In Your Area

There are two types of individuals who perform this kind of work.

The first group are sheetrock repair specialists. They do this kind of work each week.

Many of the remaining jobs are performed by drywall and paint companies.

They have experience swapping out and painting all sorts of inside surfaces.

There’s an experienced technician who could come from Commerce or Cudahy and help you out.

Most Homeowners Have Somebody Else Do It

Some homeowners want to save a little money, so they will do it themselves.

It isn’t the most challenging remodeling job, but it isn’t fun either.

If you consider yourself to be a handyman, you could possibly try this too.

It may not end up perfect, but it might appear fine.

Some homeowners consider doing it themselves, but they more often than not decide not to.

Popcorn Ceiling Repairs Near Lynwood

Fixing a hole, dent or stain in a textured ceiling can be a little tricky.

Blending the repaired area with the existing surface is often the challenging part.

Drywall specialists address these problems on a regular basis.

They know the techniques to use to get a great final result.

South Gate Removal and Repair Cost

Interested in the cost? The typical price around the Compton area is sort of predictable.

The key factor drywall experts look at when determining cost is how long the work will take.

If your home is a certain age, it’s possible you could have asbestos in it.

If your property was constructed earlier than 1980, there is a possibility it has some asbestos.

If you have doubts as to what decade your texture was installed, you should have it analyzed.

Getting your sample and going through the testing is easy.

You can take care of the test yourself if you buy a screening kit, obtain a small texture sample and send it in.

You can get these testing kits online. Most homeowners get it at Amazon.

Hopefully, your analysis will come back negative for asbestos.

A positive conclusion is going to lead to a more complicated eradication process.

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