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Paint and Sheetrock Projects Around Jefferson County

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Why Do So Many Kentucky Houses Have These Acoustic Ceilings?

In the final years of the 1950s, construction companies began using this treatment in their new houses.

Home builders favored it when they learned they wouldn’t have to spend so much time meticulously smoothing and painting ceilings.

Remodeling companies now had a simple way to take care of stains, patched holes or uneven surfaces and cover them up.

Kentucky homeowners liked it too because it helped with minimizing noise inside the home.

There was a substantial trouble with some of the early materials – they included asbestos.

They started to steadily go out of favor with some homeowners starting in the late 1980s and moving on from there.

These products were never designed for bathrooms or kitchens, but you can still see them in quite a few Jefferson County bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

Reasons Why Homeowners Want Them Taken Off

  • “Touch up painting is hard”
  • “They collect a lot of dust”
  • “It’s hard to patch them”
  • “They are difficult to dust”
  • “Particles fall off when touched”

The Way It Gets Removed

The beginning step your KY technician takes is to eliminate all the items from your room.

Besides the furniture, this also includes any smoke detectors, vent covers, electrical outlet covers or light fixtures.

Plastic sheeting will be put up across the room to trap every particle that comes down.

The old surface has a water solution gently sprayed on it. The water gets absorbed into the surface and turns it soft.

The old texture is now able to be gently scraped off of the original sheetrock.

The process proceeds until all the original material has been taken off. It gets collected up and hauled off.

The surface is not yet ready for painting. It will need to be smoothed and made suitable for primer.

The final step is to do the priming and painting.

Who Should You Call To Do This Project?

Many of the removing and replacing jobs that get done are performed by small companies who mostly specialize in these kind of projects.

The rest of the jobs are handled by general painting and drywall companies who come across this sort of project fairly often.

There’s a specialist nearby who can drive over and help you out.

Is This a Home Improvement Job I Could Do On My Own?

You could take a couple of days and do it yourself.

Like most jobs, it’s a little more difficult than it looks.

If you already have a little experience in this field, you could possibly try it.

But making the end product seem perfect can be difficult.

Once most homeowners recognize all the steps involved, they usually call in a pro to do it.

Louisville Ceiling Repair

When a textured surface gets a small hole or water stain, it can be somewhat hard to fix.

Making the repaired area seem like the maintenance never happened is the hardest part of the job.

Skilled individuals have done these repair jobs before, they understand the trouble spots and are aware of the ways to get it done right.

Ceiling Repair Prices In Louisville

Are you wondering about the price range for houses around your area?

Fees can vary, but the one primary factor is the length of time it will take to finish.

One issue to take into consideration, some homes may still have asbestos in their ceilings.

If your property was constructed earlier than 1980, there is a possibility it could have some asbestos.

You can quickly have yours analyzed if you aren’t certain if you have some asbestos in it.

Doing the testing procedure is easy enough for any homeowner to complete.

All a homeowner needs to do is send in a tiny texture sample to the screening service.

These kits can be obtained at some online stores.

If your test sample has some asbestos in it, it only means your removal procedure will be more sophisticated.

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Talk to a specialist who works around downtown, Germantown, Cherokee Park, Highlands, Clifton, Indian Hills, Green Springs, Spring Valley, Prospect, Boston, Lyndon, Hurstbourne, St Matthews, Seneca Park, the Airport area, the Zoo area, University of Louisville district, Chickasaw, Portland and Shawnee.

Folks in the south Louisville suburbs and over in the Indiana suburbs can also get great service.

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Working With Homeowners Close to These Areas

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  • Chickasaw
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