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These Acoustic Ceilings – Why Do We Have Them?

In the last years of the ’50s, home construction companies began using this treatment in their new buildings.

Smoothing and painting ceilings takes time. This new approach cut down on how long it took.

Builders liked the convenience.

This procedure was a quick way for remodelers to cover over spots, holes or mistakes.

Homeowners in Southern California originally thought it was contemporary and fashionable too.

One significant issue with some of those preliminary products is they contained asbestos.

They began to slowly go out of favor with some homeowners starting in the late ’80s and continuing on from there.

Homes near Echo Park or Boyle Heights often have these textures in the hallway, bedrooms and living room, but very rarely in a kitchen or a full bathroom.

Advantages of Having Them Gotten Rid of

  • “If you bump them – bits fall down”
  • “Small repairs are hard to paint perfectly”
  • “Small sections are hard to repair”
  • “They are difficult to clean or dust”
  • “They attract dust”

How It Gets Removed

Step one is to remove absolutely everything from your room or rooms.

The whole room will be covered with plastic to catch each particle of the falling texture.

A little water solution is sprayed on the old surface. As it soaks in, the surface becomes soft.

As the old texture softens up, it is set to scrape off.

Your specialist keeps going until all the old materials are on the floor.

It gets wrapped up and taken away.

That old surface will usually need a little work before it can be painted. It needs to be even and smoothed first.

Then it’s time for primer and paint. And you’re all done.

Get Assistance With Your Job

A lot of the remove and replace projects done around this community are handled by individuals who mostly specialize in doing it.

The rest of the jobs are handled by general drywall and painting companies who see this sort of project pretty often.

Either way, you will get your situation taken care of in locations such as Hollywood or Melrose.

Can I Do This Job On My Own?

A few homeowners will try doing this project themselves.

Working over your head on a small stool for hours is not much fun.

If you’ve done renovation projects before that have turned out great, maybe you might try this one too.

Most owners turn to calling in help as opposed to attempting to do the job themselves.

Ceiling Repair Near LA

When textured ceilings get dents, holes or water damage, they can be tricky to repair.

How you get the new texture to match up with the existing texture is the difficult part.

Drywall repair specialists know the tips on how to do it right.

Ceiling Scraping Cost In Los Angeles

Are you curious about the price range for houses close to the Beverly Hills or Brentwood area?

The cost is largely based on how long the job will take to be done.

Most of the projects are completed without problem and on schedule.

But once in a while, these old ceilings have asbestos in them.

If you own a home which was built prior to 1980, it could have some asbestos.

You will need yours analyzed if you have concerns about the age of yours.

At least the testing is easy. You or an inspector can do it.

To make it happen yourself, you get a test kit, obtain a small texture sample and mail it in for testing.

You can purchase these test kits online. They are not too expensive.

If your sample tests positive for asbestos, you will need a more meticulous removal course of action which will affect your cost.

Advice and an Estimate for Your LA Area

You can receive an estimate for your room or rooms.

Unless your case is very uncommon, you should be able to find out the cost before the project is started.

Learn about options and costs near Atwater Village, Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Montecito Heights, City Terrace, Boyle Heights, Westlake, Mid Wilshire, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Melrose, Beverly Hills, Pico-Robertson, Century City, West LA, Westwood, Bel Air, Brentwood, East LA, Palms, Culver City and South Los Angeles.

Where This Process Begins

Your initial move is to talk with someone who does this type of work.

These folks are reliable and all ready to help.

It won’t cost anything to talk about it.

Spend a couple of minutes with someone who can help.


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