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Why Does My Place Have Those Acoustic Ceilings?

Building companies began using this treatment in houses in the late ’50s.

They liked utilizing it because it was easy and cheaper than the painting process.

Remodelers favored it because it was an easy way to disguise stains, patched areas or uneven ceilings.

Quite a few Southern California homeowners wanted this new treatment too.

Since it was a brand new treatment, they felt it made their house look modern.

But there was asbestos in some of those initial products.

This issue, plus a slow change in attitude towards them, helped them to decrease in popularity with homeowners in the ’80s.

You can still see these features in some Lemon Grove or Spring Valley houses.

They are almost always restricted to the living room, hallway and bedroom, never in the kitchen or full bathroom.

Why Some Homeowners Say They Don’t Like These Surfaces Anymore

  • It’s hard to paint
  • It’s difficult to dust or clean
  • It’s a dust magnet
  • It flakes off when you touch it
  • You can’t repair it easily

Just How It All Works

The first thing your East-Side San Diego specialist will do is clear out everything from the room.

This includes not just furniture, but also electrical outlet covers, light fixtures, any vent covers and smoke detectors.

The complete room will get covered with plastic to catch each particle of the dropping texture.

A little water is sprayed on the old surface to soften it up enough so it will easily come off.

Because the old texture is soft, it can be easily scraped away.

At some point, all the original product is scraped off and on the floor.

All the plastic is wrapped up and taken away.

Some surface repair is usually required.

There may be some new compound applications and smoothing.

And then it’s time for priming and painting.

The Kind of Business To Call

A good portion of these jobs are performed by small companies who spend all day repairing walls and ceilings.

And other jobs are addressed by paint and drywall services.

These services have experience with upgrading and repairing all kinds of indoor surfaces.

A trained drywall specialist could get it handled for you.

Should You Try Doing the Work Yourself?

A few homeowners attempt doing this project themselves.

It usually turns into a messy and dirty task. And it’s really not easy to work over your head either.

Scraping the outdated texture off is not really the hard part.

Getting the completed painted surface to look smooth and consistent is the harder part.

But most homeowners will leave it to someone who has the training and practice to do it.

Ceiling Repair and Painting Near La Mesa

Repairing dents, holes or carrying out other maintenance to textured ceilings can be difficult.

Successfully blending the new texture with the previous style is one of the challenging problems.

Someone who has performed many of these projects has learned from their previous work. They know how to do it successfully.

What Will Removal Cost In La Presa?

Are you wondering what this job might cost around Spring Valley or Lemon Grove?

The overriding price factor is the length of time the contractor estimates the work will take.

It does not happen often, but some of these older textures still have asbestos in them.

If your home was constructed before 1980, it might contain asbestos.

If you have doubts as to when your texture was put on, you should have it checked.

The test is so easy you won’t need to have anybody help you.

If you want, you can purchase a tester kit and send in your house’s texture sample.

You can go online and buy one of these testing packages.

When you have asbestos, the elimination company has to observe stringent rules for how the process works.

Job Estimates for East-Side Homeowners

You can hear an estimate for your room or rooms.

Many projects are a little unique, but you should be able to hear an estimate without having somebody visit your home first.

Service is available around the metro area in locations such as La Mesa, Lake Murray, La Presa, Lemon Grove, Spring Valley, College Heights, San Diego State, Mid-City, Talmadge, San Carlos, Del Cerro, Mission Trails Park, Allied Gardens or Grantville.

The Place to Start

The initial step is one quick call. You talk it over with someone who does this sort of thing.

You can get more details and set up your appointment if you want.

Spend a few minutes with somebody who can help.

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