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Those Acoustic Ceilings – Why Do We Have Them?

Construction companies began building with this sort of method in the late ’50s.

It was widely used because it was quicker and cheaper than painting and they figured it might help reduce noise.

Remodelers who were fixing surfaces, holes or spots found this method was an ideal way to cover them up.

Homeowners up and down the west coast also liked how it helped cut down on noise a little bit in their house.

One serious problem with some of those initial products is they included asbestos.

While a good many homeowners don’t have a strong preference, some did.

Many building firms began using these treatments less frequently.

These products weren’t intended to be put in a full bathroom or kitchen, but many Glen Avon or Mira Loma homes still have them in the bedrooms, hallways or living room areas.

This sort of Surface Has Some Issues

  • It’s almost impossible to clean
  • It gets dusty
  • It’s hard to paint
  • If you bump it – little pieces fall down
  • It’s hard to repair or patch

Steps Involved in the Process

The first thing that will happen is everything in the room gets removed.

After the furniture is gone, other things such as outlet covers, smoke detectors, air vent covers or light fixtures will also get taken out too if possible.

In order to collect all of the material that falls off, plastic sheeting will be put up all over the room.

A little water is carefully sprayed on the old ceiling.

The water quickly softens the old surface as it gets absorbed.

Once the old texture has become soft, it can be carefully scraped off the existing sheetrock.

The old texture is pulled off and hauled away.

Before priming it, some repairs are usually needed.

Joints need to be concealed and the entire surface made smooth.

And the work concludes with getting primed and painted.

People Who Do This Type of Work

Some of these jobs are performed by individuals who’s only business is working on walls and ceilings.

Other jobs are worked on by general painting and drywall companies who see this type of project quite often.

An experienced drywall technician from either Eastvale or Glen Avon will get it done for you.

Thinking About Doing it Yourself?

You can try and do it on your own.

This turns into a sloppy and dirty project. And it’s really not easy to work over your head either.

Somebody who has never done this before will often make a mistake during the process.

It often happens in the drywall refinishing.

But most owners decide to call someone to do the work for them.

Jurupa Valley Popcorn Ceiling Hole Repair

Repairs to a popcorn ceiling can be a little tricky to do.

Trying to get the new area to match up with the original surface could be the most challenging part of the job.

Someone who has done this many times is familiar with where the problem areas are and how to eliminate them.

Ceiling Cost In Jurupa Valley CA

Are you a little curious what the price could be in an area around Pedley or Mira Loma?

Costs can vary, but the single primary factor is the amount of time it will take to complete.

There’s an additional element to keep in mind.

There was a time when some manufacturers employed asbestos in their ceiling textures.

Asbestos was regularly used in building products up until 1980 or so.

You need to analyze yours if you own an older house.

The test is so easy you won’t need to have anybody do it for you.

A property owner merely buys a test kit, takes off a little sample of the sprayed texture and mails it in for testing.

You’ll find your kit online at stores like Amazon.

The process for asbestos is far more complex and the remover needs to be more meticulous.

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