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Why Do So Many Houses Have These Acoustic Ceilings?

In the later 1950s, these spray-on techniques slowly became popular with home builders.

Builders appreciated this unique approach because they found it a little faster and cheaper than painting.

Remodelers figured out it was a fast technique to masking small holes, stains or homeowner mistakes.

Midwest homeowners enjoyed it also because it was trendy and helped with reducing noise.

Unfortunately, some of the initial manufacturers of these treatments used asbestos in them.

They started to slowly go out of favor with some homeowners beginning in the late ’80s and continuing on from there.

It’s normal to see homes around south and west Chicago which were built during this time to have acoustic ceilings in the bedroom, hallway or living room.

The Problems These Types of Ceilings Have

  • “They are hard to paint”
  • “They attract dust”
  • “It’s too hard to repair them”
  • “They are difficult to clean or dust”
  • “They crumble when touched”

What Are the Steps Included in This Process?

Before anything else can happen, everything must be removed from the rooms.

There won’t be any mess because the whole room gets covered in plastic before the removal starts.

A little bit of water is applied to the old surface.

This moisture gets absorbed and the old texture becomes pliable.

Once the old texture is soft, it can be scraped off.

Once all the old moistened texture is off, it’s wrapped up and hauled away.

Some surface repair is frequently necessary.

There may be some new compound applications and smoothing.

Lastly, it gets primed and painted. And your room looks great.

Who Are Experienced At Doing This?

A large portion of these projects that go on around this area of the city are carried out by folks who mostly specialize in this type of drywall repairs.

And the remaining jobs are managed by paint and drywall services.

These services have experience in swapping out and repainting all kinds of interior surfaces.

No matter which local business you call, you can get your issue addressed.

Is This Something I Could Do On My Own?

Some homeowners want to do it on their own.

Spending hours on a step stool reaching above your head can get tiresome.

Scraping the old texture off isn’t really the hard part.

Getting the final painted surface to appear smooth and consistent may be the harder part.

After thinking about the options, most owners find themselves bringing in an expert to do it.

Joliet Ceiling Repair

Ceilings with texture on them can be hard to fix and touch up when they need it.

Blending the repaired area into the pre-existing surface is often the tricky part.

Sheetrock specialists address these problems regularly.

They understand the techniques to use to get a great final result.

Ceiling Cost Near Joliet IL

What will this type of job cost near your area?

Prices are frequently based on how long the job will take to finish, which is largely dependent on the dimensions of the room.

There’s an additional element to know about. There was a time when manufacturers used asbestos in these ceiling textures.

If you have a place that was built prior to 1980, it might have some asbestos in it.

You can quickly have yours tested if you aren’t sure if you have asbestos in it.

The test process is easy. You can deal with it yourself.

To have your surface checked, all you need to do is grab a tiny sample of it and send it to a testing service.

These kits can be found at some online stores.

With any luck, your test will come back negative for asbestos.

A positive conclusion can lead to a far more troublesome removal process.

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