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Why Did This Style Become Popular Anyway?

This sort of ceiling surface feature started being used a lot in the last part of the 1950s.

It quickly became popular with lots of home building companies.

Building contractors favored it after they learned they wouldn’t need to spend so much time perfectly finishing and painting ceilings.

Remodelers who were fixing uneven surfaces, dents or stains found this technique was an ideal way to cover them up.

And homeowners around Los Angeles originally thought this new method made their homes look contemporary.

One large problem with some of those initial products is they contained asbestos.

Beginning in the 1980s, house builders began to use these products less.

You can still see these features in some City of Champions homes.

They are almost always limited to the living room, hallway and bedroom, never in the kitchen or full bathroom.

Five Issues With This Type of Textured Surface

  • “They are too hard to clean”
  • “They are hard to patch or repair”
  • “They get too dusty”
  • “If you touch them – they crumble”
  • “Spots are difficult to touch up”

How the Procedure Will Work

Before the real work starts, everything that can be moved out is removed.

This includes all the furniture, electrical outlet covers, vent covers, light fixtures and the smoke detector.

The whole room will get covered with plastic to capture each particle of the dropping texture.

A little water solution is put on the old surface. As it gets soaked in, the surface becomes soft.

When this old surface gets soft, it looses its grip on the drywall and can be scraped away.

The texture is pulled off and hauled off.

Some surface repair is often necessary.

There may be new compound applications and smoothing.

The job ends with the new surface being primed and painted.

The Kind of Business To Call

Some of these jobs in this area are done by people who specialize in doing it.

But a lot of property owners contact a drywall or paint service to complete the job.

These companies have experience with lots of different indoor surface repairs.

Either type of company could help you out in an area like LA International or Westchester.

Do You Need To Have a Professional Do the Work?

This is not the hardest job. But it’s not easy either.

Doing work over your head on ceilings isn’t enjoyable.

Scraping the initial surface off isn’t really the most difficult part.

Getting the completed painted surface to look even and smooth may be the harder part.

Although some owners evaluate the options, most jobs get finished by a professional.

Inglewood Popcorn Ceiling Stain Repair

When textured ceilings get small holes or water spots, they can be challenging to repair or touch up.

Making the new texture to look like the original texture is the challenging part.

Knowledgeable technicians have done these repair jobs before, they know the trouble spots and are aware of the ways to get the job done right.

What Will it Cost Near Westchester?

Are you wondering about the cost range for homes around the Park Mesa Heights or Hyde Park area?

As you can most likely imagine, speedy jobs are less costly than long jobs.

Most projects get concluded quick and on schedule.

But once in a while, those old ceilings have asbestos in them.

Homes built prior to 1980 may contain some asbestos.

You or your technician will have yours inspected if you have any doubts about yours.

The testing process is simple. You can handle it yourself.

A property owner merely purchases an evaluation kit, pulls off a little sample of the sprayed texture and sends it in for testing.

It’s simple to buy a test kit online through a website like Amazon.

It’s really important to have the test completed. With any luck, your sample outcomes will be good.

Cost Estimates for Southwest LA Homeowners

You can hear a work quote for your home.

A few folks will be in a situation that is hard to estimate over the phone, but you will still receive a ballpark figure.

See professional results around LAX, Westchester, Windsor Hills, Hyde Park or Park Mesa Heights.

How You Get Going

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