Removing a Popcorn Ceiling Near Indianapolis

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Why Did Builders Install These Acoustic Ceilings in Homes?

Construction companies began building with this sort of method in the late ’50s.

It became popular with building firms since it was faster to spray a rough ceiling than it was to perfectly smooth it and paint it.

Remodeling companies liked it because it was a quick way to hide spots, patched holes or uneven surfaces.

And homeowners around Indiana initially thought this technique made their homes look modern.

Regretfully, a number of the materials in the earliest days contained asbestos.

Even though many homeowners don’t have a strong preference, some did. Many house builders began using these materials less frequently.

You can still see these features in many local houses and apartments.

They are almost always limited to the living room, hallway and bedroom, never in the kitchen or full bathroom.

Why Some Homeowners Say They Don’t Like These Surfaces Now

  • Spots are hard to paint
  • It’s hard to patch or repair
  • It’s hard to dust or clean
  • Dust and cobwebs are attracted to it
  • If you bump it – pieces fall off

How Does the Process Work?

The first thing that happens is everything in your room gets taken out.

Once the furniture is taken out, other things such as outlet covers, smoke detectors, air vent covers or light fixtures will also be removed too if possible.

In order to catch all of the material that falls off, plastic sheeting will be put up across the room.

A little water is applied to the ceiling. The texture soaks it in and turns soft.

The old texture is now able to be gently scraped off the original sheetrock.

Once all the previous product is laying down on the plastic floor, it is properly wrapped up and carted out.

Before priming it, some drywall repairs are usually needed.

Seams need to be concealed and the total surface made smooth.

And the project finishes with primer and paint.

Who To Phone for a Task Like This

Some of the repair jobs in this area are completed by individuals who focus on doing it pretty much exclusively.

And a lot of homeowners contact a drywall or paint company to get the job done.

These companies have experience with a lot of different indoor surface repairs.

These are the kind of businesses that can fix your problem near Lawrence or Greenwood.

You May Be Thinking About Doing it Yourself

Some folks want to know if they should try doing this work themselves.

Spending hours on a small ladder reaching over your head can get exhausting.

If you already have a little experience in this field, you might possibly try it.

But having the finished product look perfect can be difficult.

After considering the options, most owners will end up calling in a professional to do the work.

Ceiling Repair and Painting in Indianapolis

Ceilings with texture on them can be hard to repair when they need it.

The last stage of getting the replaced surface finish to look like the existing is often where a beginner fails.

Specialized work teams perform these repairs frequently.

They have managed these issues before and are aware of the ways to make the end result look good.

Ceiling Scraping Cost Near Indianapolis

Are you wondering what this might cost close in your neighborhood?

The cost is mainly based on the dimensions of the room and how long the job will take to do.

One other issue is asbestos.

There was a time when asbestos was contained in those sprayed ceilings.

Houses put together prior to 1980 could have some asbestos in them.

You can quickly have yours analyzed if you are not certain if you have asbestos in it.

The exam process is simple. You will handle it yourself.

You could do the screening yourself if you order a screening kit, pull off a small texture sample and mail it in.

These screening kits are found online.

Amazon is the most widely used place to get them.

If your texture contains asbestos, it will need a more meticulous removal course of action which will impact your cost.

Advice and an Estimate in Your IN Community

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