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Why Did This Style Get Popular?

In the last years of the ’50s, home construction companies began using this technique in their new buildings.

It became popular with builders since it reduced the time devoted to preparing ceilings for paint.

This procedure was a quick way for remodelers to cover over stains, small holes or mistakes.

Many home owners in California originally thought it was modern and trendy too.

But there was asbestos in many of these early products.

After living with these acoustic ceilings for several years, quite a few homeowners began to see their shortcomings.

Kitchens or full bathrooms almost never had these acoustic features.

But many Maywood or Bell houses constructed during this time will have them in other rooms.

Details Homeowners Don’t Like About Them Very Much

  • “They can collect a lot of dust”
  • “They are too hard to clean”
  • “Small sections are hard to repair”
  • “They are hard to paint when discolored or stained”
  • “Little bits flake off when you touch them”

What a Homeowner Could Expect During the Procedure

Your Los Angeles contractor will take out all the stuff from the room – furniture, smoke detectors, light fixtures, electrical outlet covers and air vent covers.

In order to avoid any mess, the room will be protected in plastic sheeting which will collect all the stuff that falls off.

Some moisture is sprayed on the ceiling. The water gets absorbed pretty quick and the texture turns soft.

The old texture is now able to be scraped off the original sheetrock.

Your specialist continues until all the material is on the floor.

It gets wrapped up and taken away.

The sheetrock surface is repaired if necessary, re-coated, smoothed and prepared for paint.

Then it’s time to get out the primer and paint.

An Experienced Person Can Help You Out

Many of the replacement projects done around this community are taken on by people who focus on doing it.

And quite a few jobs are carried out by painting and drywall companies.

These companies can take care of any issue you have with any interior surfaces.

A knowledgeable drywall specialist from either Walnut Park or Maywood could get it handled for you.

Can the Average Homeowner Do This Job?

Some homeowners try to do it themselves.

The job gets sloppy and you need to know the way to handle it so it doesn’t get all over your house.

If you think of yourself as a handyman, you might probably do this.

It may not wind up perfect, but it could appear just fine.

Most homeowners decide on calling in help as opposed to attempting to do it by themselves.

Popcorn Ceiling Hole Repair Near Huntington Park

Mending a hole or doing other maintenance to an acoustic ceiling isn’t always easy.

The primary challenge is to get the new texture to match the original.

Someone with experience in these home repairs can make sure the final result ends up looking okay.

Huntington Park Ceiling Removal Cost

Thinking about what the job cost might be in the south LA suburbs?

As you can probably imagine, quick jobs are less expensive than lengthy jobs.

It doesn’t come about often, but some of these older textures still have asbestos in them.

Asbestos was sometimes included in building products before 1980 or so.

You will have yours analyzed if you have any questions about yours.

The sample test is not hard at all. You can take care of the whole process.

If you can grab a little sample and send it in, you’ll find out what your surface is made of.

These testing kits are found online.

Amazon is the most popular place to get them.

The removal process for asbestos is far more demanding and the remover has to be more careful.

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