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Why Do So Many California Houses Have These Acoustic Ceilings?

This sprayed on characteristic started getting used a lot back in the late 1950s.

It became well liked with builders since it was faster to spray an unfinished ceiling than it was to perfectly smooth it and paint it.

This technique assisted remodelers since it was an effective way to conceal holes, stains or irregular surfaces.

And homeowners around the West Coast at first thought this new technique made their homes look modern.

Unfortunately, there was asbestos in some of those preliminary treatments.

Beginning in the ’80s, these acoustic ceilings started declining in popularity.

Homes built in areas like Fountain Valley and Sunset Beach around this time often had acoustical ceilings applied in the hallways, bedrooms and living room.

Bathrooms and kitchens did not use them.

What Some Folks Think About These Textured Surfaces

  • “They are hard to clean or dust”
  • “It’s hard to match the texture and color when doing repairs”
  • “They collect a lot of dust”
  • “If you bump them – bits fall down”
  • “They are hard to paint”

The Way It Will Get Removed

The initial step is to remove absolutely everything from your room or rooms.

Plastic sheeting will be taped up across the room to catch each piece that comes off.

A little water is sprayed on the old surface area to soften it up enough so it will easily come off.

Because the texture is soft, it can be carefully scraped off.

All that texture is gently scraped off into a sloppy pile on the plastic floor. Then it gets carted away.

The old surface will most likely need some work before it can be primed and painted.

It needs to be even and made smooth first.

Then it’s time for primer and paint. And you’re done.

Who Does This Work Near Fountain Valley?

Many of the people who do this type of work spend most of their work days exclusively on repair work like this.

The remaining projects are addressed by painting and drywall services who can finish a number of improvement tasks.

There’s a specialist near downtown that can drive over and help you get it done.

Could I Just Do It Myself?

Are you planning to start this on your own?

The job gets messy and you should understand the way to handle it so it doesn’t get all over your house.

The stripping and removal part of the job is not real difficult.

It’s the drywall prep work that is challenging.

A lot of owners consider doing it themselves, but they usually decide not to.

Popcorn Ceiling Hole Repair Near Huntington Beach CA

Interior surfaces with texture on them can be hard to fix.

How you make the new texture to match with the existing texture is the tricky part.

Someone who has completed a number of these projects has learned from their previous challenges. They understand how to do the job correctly.

What Will Removal Cost In Huntington Beach?

Have questions regarding what the cost range is for homeowners around East HB or Sunset Beach?

The predicted length of the project is the major cost factor. Jobs that take more time are going to cost more.

While it does not occur very often, sometimes asbestos is a factor.

Asbestos was commonly used in building products up to 1980 or so.

You must simply verify yours if you’re not sure when yours was applied.

The home sample test is not hard at all. You can handle the whole process.

You’re able to do the test yourself if you order a testing kit, cut off a small texture sample and mail it in.

It’s easy to purchase a test kit online through a website like Amazon.

Homeowners that have asbestos will have a removal procedure which is a lot more complex.

Homeowners in the Fountain Valley Community Can Get an Estimate

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Say goodbye to those old ceilings. Doing work in communities such as Seacliff Village, Yorktown, Garfield, Newland, downtown, Bartlett Park, Marina High School, Goldenwest, Washington Bella Terra, Seal Beach Refuge, North HB, Surfside, Ocean View High School, Adams, Edison High School, Adams, Los Amigos High School, Los Alamos Park, Fountain Valley High School and other Fountain Valley communities.

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Service is Available to SoCal Homeowners Near:

  • Seacliff Village
  • Yorktown and Garfield
  • Newland and downtown
  • Bartlett Park
  • Goldenwest
  • Washington Bella Terra
  • North HB and Surfside
  • Ocean View High School
  • Adams and Edison High School
  • Los Amigos High School
  • Los Alamos Park
  • Most Fountain Valley CA neighborhoods
  • Most Huntington Beach CA neighborhoods too

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