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Why Did Builders Put These Acoustic Ceilings in Homes?

In the later 1950s, these sprayed on features slowly became popular with home builders.

Prepping and painting ceilings takes time and effort. This new strategy cut down on how long it took. House builders liked the time savings.

Property remodelers liked how it was an ideal way to hide stains, small holes, uneven surfaces or other problems.

Western homeowners liked how it looked modern and how it assisted somewhat with soundproofing their home.

But there was an issue. Some of these products contained asbestos.

Many home owners began to change their attitudes towards these products in the late ’80s too.

Many started to prefer a flat finished surface again.

It’s still common to see these features in homes around our city although you do come across them less and less.

This kind of Textured Surface Has Some Issues

  • It’s hard to repair or patch
  • It’s hard to paint when stained
  • It crumbles when touched
  • Dust and cobwebs are attracted to it
  • It’s almost impossible to clean

The Way It All Works

Your specialist will take out all the stuff from the room – furniture, smoke detectors, light fixtures, electrical socket covers and vent covers.

Plastic sheeting will be put up throughout the room to collect every particle that comes off.

A little water is thoroughly sprayed on the old ceiling.

The water swiftly softens the old texture as it gets absorbed.

When the old surface is soft, it looses its hold on the sheetrock and can be scraped off.

The old texture is slowly removed and hauled off.

Some surface repair is usually necessary.

There may be new compound applications and smoothing.

And the project gets finished with primer and some paint.

Different Companies Can Give You A Hand

Many of the removal and replacement jobs that get done are done by small businesses who mostly specialize in these kind of jobs.

But a lot of projects are taken on by drywall and paint contractors.

These crews have the appropriate experience to clean up any type of indoor surface repair or other issue.

Either type of service could help you out in neighborhoods like Anthem or Midway.

Could the Average Homeowner Try To Do This Job?

If you want to try doing the job yourself, you could.

It turns into a sloppy and dirty task. And it’s really not easy either.

Getting the outdated texture off isn’t really the hard part.

Getting the finished painted surface to appear smooth may be the harder part.

But the big majority of these renovation projects in this part of town are not performed by the homeowner.

Henderson Ceiling Repairs

Repairing a ceiling which has texture on it can be difficult.

Making the area seem like the repair service never happened is the most challenging part of the job.

A drywall expert is able to accomplish it so the end result looks good.

What Will it Cost In Henderson?

Would you like some info on the standard cost for homeowners close to you?

Costs are generally based on how long the job will take to finish, which is somewhat dependent on the dimensions of the room.

One thing to take into consideration, some homes may have asbestos in their ceilings.

If your property was built before 1980, there is a possibility it could have some asbestos.

You’ll want to have yours checked if you have any doubts about yours.

You can even start the test yourself. You won’t need to have anyone come over.

In order to get yours checked, you just have to send in a pretty small sample for verification.

These screening kits are for purchase online.

With some luck, your analysis will come back negative for asbestos.

A positive conclusion can lead to a more demanding eradication process.

Get a Cost Estimate for Your NV Area

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Service is available to property owners all over the southeast Las Vegas metro area including Clark County Wetlands Park, Victory Village, Sam Boyd Stadium, Heritage Park, Black Mountain, Whitney Ranch, Foothill High School, Green Valley High School, Wildhorse Golf, Midway, Green Valley South, The District, Cornerstone Park, Anthem, Lion Habitat Ranch, Dragonridge Country Club, Sloan Canyon Conservation Area, Desert Willow Golf, Seven Hills, Anthem Hills Park or Henderson Airport.

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Help is Available Near These NV Neighborhoods

  • Clark County Wetlands Park
  • Victory Village
  • Sam Boyd Stadium
  • Heritage Park
  • Black Mountain
  • Whitney Ranch
  • Foothill HS
  • Green Valley HS
  • Wildhorse Golf
  • Midway
  • Green Valley South
  • The District
  • Cornerstone Park
  • Anthem
  • Lion Habitat Ranch
  • Sloan Canyon Conservation area
  • Desert Willow Golf
  • Seven Hills
  • Anthem Hills Park
  • Most any Henderson NV neighborhood

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