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How Did Acoustic Ceilings Get Into So Many Homes?

In the last years of the 1950s, home construction companies began using this technique in their new houses.

It became popular with building firms because it was quicker to spray a rough ceiling than it was to smooth it and paint it.

Remodeling companies now had an ideal way to deal with spots, patched holes or irregular surfaces and cover them up.

Oregon homeowners enjoyed it also because it was trendy and helped with reducing noise.

One large problem with some of those preliminary products is they included asbestos.

This issue, along with a gradual change in attitude about them, helped them to decline in popularity with homeowners in the 1980s.

Homes near Portland often have these textures in the hallway, bedrooms and living room, but very rarely in a kitchen or a full bathroom.

Reasons Why Homeowners Want Them Replaced

  • It’s hard to clean or dust
  • It gets too dusty
  • Spots are hard to paint
  • It falls off when touched
  • It’s hard to repair a small section

Updating My Ceilings – What is the Procedure?

Before any real work gets started, all the stuff has to be taken out of the room.

Your room gets protected in plastic sheeting so there won’t be any mess during the scraping process.

A little water is carefully sprayed on the old ceiling.

The water swiftly softens the old texture as it gets absorbed.

The surface is slowly and carefully scraped.

An hour or two later, all the texture is off and piled around the floor. It gets bagged and taken out.

The sheetrocked surface will be mended if necessary, recoated, smoothed and prepared for paint.

And when all that is finished, it’s time for primer and paint.

Folks Who Do This Type of Work

Some of these maintenance jobs are performed by people who spend much of their day doing this type of indoor drywall maintenance.

And a lot of jobs are taken on by paint and drywall contractors.

These crews have the necessary experience to clean up all types of interior surface replacement or issue.

A qualified drywall specialist could get it done for you.

Could the Average Homeowner Try To Do It?

A few homeowners want to save a little money, so they will do it themselves.

This turns into a sloppy and mucky task. And it’s really not easy to work over your head either.

Somebody who has never done this work before will probably make a mistake during this process.

It usually occurs in the drywall resurfacing.

Although some homeowners consider trying it themselves, they almost always choose not to.

Gresham Popcorn Ceiling Repairs

Indoor ceiling surfaces with heavy texture on them can be a challenge to do maintenance on.

The primary obstacle is to get the new texture to match up with the old.

Most homeowners will have trouble doing repairs and making it look good, but a professional is typically pretty good at it.

Removal Cost Near Gresham

Need to know how much it might cost at your place?

When determining a project cost, most technicians initially take into account how long the job will take them to finish.

And in a few worst-case scenarios, your texture may have some asbestos in it.

If your property was constructed before 1980, there is a chance it has some asbestos.

You can quickly test yours if you are not certain if you have asbestos in it.

You can even perform the test yourself. You won’t need to have anyone come over.

You could do the test yourself if you purchase a testing kit, take off a small texture sample and send it in.

These testing kits are available for purchase online.

It’s important to have the analysis done. With some luck, your sample outcome will be fine.

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Now and then, a homeowner has an unusual situation which may make a phone estimate difficult, but it doesn’t frequently happen.

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