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Sheetrock and Paint Projects Northwest of Phoenix

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Acoustic Ceilings – A Brief History

Construction companies began building with this sort of technique in the late ’50s.

It became popular with building firms because it was quicker to spray an unfinished ceiling than it was to perfectly smooth it and paint it.

Remodeling contractors liked it because it was a good technique to hide spots, patched holes or uneven surfaces.

Many home owners in Arizona also liked how it helped soundproof their home.

A number of these first products included asbestos.

This was the primary element that aided in the loss of their appeal.

After living with these acoustical ceilings for a few years, most homeowners began to see their shortcomings.

These products were never designed for kitchens or bathrooms, but you will still see them in a good number of West Valley living rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Reasons Why Arizona Homeowners Want It Replaced

  • It crumbles when touched
  • It’s hard to paint when stained
  • It’s difficult to dust or clean
  • It’s hard to repair
  • It collects a lot of dust

How It Gets Removed and Replaced

The first thing that happens is everything in the room gets taken out.

After the furniture is gone, other things such as outlet covers, smoke detectors, air vent covers or light fixtures will also get removed too if possible.

There won’t be any mess since the complete room gets covered in plastic before the removal begins.

Some moisture is sprayed on the ceiling. The water gets absorbed and the texture turns soft.

When the old texture is soft, it loosens its grasp on the sheetrock and can be scraped off.

The scraping continues until all of it is piled on the plastic covered floor.

Then it’s hauled away.

Some repairs are usually needed.

Joints might need to be covered and the entire surface perfectly smoothed for priming.

Then it’s time for primer and paint. And you’re all done.

Who Can You Call To Do This Job?

A large percentage of these projects are done by businesses who spend all day working on ceilings and walls.

Other projects are addressed by drywall and painting companies who can do a number of remodeling projects.

No matter which business you call, you can have it handled.

Is This a Project I Could Try On My Own?

A few homeowners think about doing it on their own.

Working above your head on a step stool for hours isn’t any fun.

The scraping portion is not hard; the drywall repair and paint preparation is where most people screw up.

But the majority of these projects in our area are not carried out by the homeowner.

Ceiling Repair Near Glendale AZ

It’s not always easy to repair a hole or other damage in textured ceilings.

Blending the repaired area into the existing surface is often the tricky part.

Sheetrock repair specialists understand the tips regarding how to do it right.

Ceiling Replacement Cost In Glendale

Are you a little interested in what the price might be in the West Valley of Phoenix?

The most important price element is how long the specialist estimates the project will take.

One difficult issue that could surface is asbestos.

Fortunately, it doesn’t come up very often.

If you have a house that was constructed before 1980, it might have some asbestos in it.

Prior to scraping yours off, you need to get it tested.

The screening itself is quick. You won’t have to call anyone to come do it.

If you want, you can obtain a tester kit and mail in your house’s texture sample.

You could find these tester kits at some online stores.

It’s critical to get the analysis completed. Hopefully, your sample results will be good.

Folks in Your Section of Town Can Get an Estimate

It just takes a quick call to know what your project cost will be.

Unless you have a somewhat unconventional situation, you’ll know the price upfront.

Say goodbye to those old ceilings. Serving communities such as Glendale Avenue, University of Phoenix Stadium, Heroes Park, Tanger Outlets Westgate, Luke AFB, Wildlife World Zoo and Park, Arrowhead Area, Sahuaro Ranch Park, Thunderbird area, Mountain Ridge High School, Apollo High School and Raymond Kellis High School.

What To Do Now

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Hear some great info on the phone. Learn what your options are.

Talk it over. Get it repaired.

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