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Why Did They Put Acoustic Ceilings in So Many Houses?

In the late 1950s, builders began using these spray-on techniques in their new construction.

It became popular because it was quicker and less expensive than painting and they believed it might help reduce noise.

Remodelers learned this new method was ideal for covering over uneven surfaces, dents, small holes or stains.

Homeowners around the Upper Midwest originally thought it was contemporary and trendy too.

Unfortunately, many of these early treatments contained asbestos.

House builders began using these products much less as the ’80s and ’90s went on.

It’s common to see homes in Brown Deer and Whitefish Bay that were constructed during this time to have acoustic ceilings in the hallway, bedroom or living room.

Why Some Homeowners Say They Don’t Like These Anymore

  • “They are hard to paint when discolored or stained”
  • “They collect a lot of dust”
  • “They flake off when bumped or touched”
  • “You can’t repair them easily”
  • “They are hard to dust or clean”

Basic Steps Involved in the Process

Before your work starts, anything that can be taken out is removed.

This includes all the furniture, electrical outlet covers, vent covers, light fixtures and the smoke detector.

The complete room will be covered with plastic to catch each particle of the falling texture.

The surface gets some water solution sprayed on it. The texture soaks up this water and softens.

As the old texture gets soft, it can be carefully scraped away from the drywall.

Once the old texture is scraped off and on the floor, it’s wrapped up and hauled away.

The old surface will probably need a little repair. At the very least, it will need to be smoothed and ready for primer.

And then it’s time for priming and painting.

A Qualified Individual Can Help You Out

Many of these projects are carried out by small businesses or folks who do almost nothing but drywall projects.

And many other projects are performed by drywall and painting firms who do this kind of stuff during their normal line of work.

These are the type of companies that can fix your problem in north Milwaukee.

Most Homeowners Don’t Try It Themselves

This isn’t the most difficult job. But it’s not easy either.

It’s not much fun. And it may get messy too.

The hardest aspect is preparing the surface flawlessly smooth so you can paint it.

When a homeowner recognizes just what is involved, they end up contacting an expert.

Popcorn Ceiling Repairs Near Shorewood

It can be difficult to fix a small hole or other damage in textured ceilings.

The last step of getting the replaced surface finish to look just like the existing is often where a homeowner falls short.

A drywall expert understands how to get it done so the end result looks good.

Ceiling Replacement Cost Near Glendale

Wanting to know what the price might be in your neighborhood?

Prices are frequently based on how long the job will take to finish, which is somewhat dependent on the dimensions of the room.

If your home is of a certain age, it’s possible you could have some asbestos in it.

Before 1980, it was common practice for building contractors to use products that included asbestos.

You’re able to test yours if you aren’t positive it’s asbestos-free.

Completing the test is not difficult. A homeowner can do it.

In order to do it yourself, you just buy a testing kit, take a small surface sample and send it in for the testing part.

You can buy your testing kit online at stores such as Amazon.

It’s critical to get the analysis completed. Hopefully, your sample outcome will be good.

Get a Cost Estimate for Your WI Area

Your general quote may be given over the phone. You just need to provide a few details.

The majority of maintenance estimates can be given on the phone.

Now and then, a homeowner has an unusual situation which may make a phone estimate difficult, but it doesn’t frequently happen.

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