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Why is This Kind of Ceiling in My House?

This type of surface feature started being used in the last part of the 1950s.

It quickly became popular with lots of building companies.

It became popular with builders since it reduced the time devoted to preparing ceilings for paint.

Remodelers learned it was a quick technique to masking holes, stains or homeowner mistakes.

Many home owners along the West Coast also liked this process because it looked new and different.

Unfortunately, some of those products in the earliest days contained asbestos.

During the ’80s, many builders began to return to conventional finishes and paint.

It’s normal to see homes in Citrus Grove or Mariposa which were built during this time to include acoustic ceilings in the hallway, bedroom or living room.

Why Homeowners Want Them Replaced

  • “They are hard to patch or repair”
  • “You can’t clean or dust them”
  • “Little bits flake off when you touch them”
  • “They get dusty”
  • “Water stains are hard to paint right”

What Are the Steps Involved in This Process?

The first thing which happens is the room is cleared of everything.

Plastic sheeting will get taped up throughout the room to collect each piece that comes off.

Moisture gets applied to the ceiling. The texture soaks up the water and gets soft.

The surfaces are slowly and gently scraped.

It’s a time-consuming process, but soon all the old material is off and piled around the floor.

Then it’s bagged and hauled away.

Some surface repair is often necessary.

There may be some new compound applications and smoothing.

When the new surface is ready, it gets primed and painted.

Who Are Competent At Doing This Work?

Many of the removing and replacing jobs that get done are done by small companies who specialize in these kind of projects.

But a lot of property owners contact a drywall or paint company to complete the job.

These companies have experience within a lot of different indoor surface repairs.

There’s a specialist near Somerset or Tropico that can drive over and help you with it.

Most Homeowners Call Someone Else To Do the Work

A few homeowners look into doing it on their own.

It usually becomes a messy and mucky task. And it’s not easy to work over your head either.

If you have a little experience in this area, you might possibly try it.

But having the end product appear perfectly smooth can be difficult.

Most homeowners wind up calling someone to do it.

Glendale Popcorn Ceiling Hole Repair

Fixing a ceiling that has texture on it can be hard.

Making the newest texture blend in with the initial surface so no one can tell it had been worked on is the challenging part.

Drywall specialists deal with these problems frequently.

They understand the techniques to use to achieve a good final result.

Glendale Scraping and Removal Cost

Need to know how much this may cost in locations such as West Glendale or Grandview?

The fee is mainly based on the dimensions of the room and how long the project will take.

And in a small number of worst-case scenarios, your sprayed texture may have some asbestos in it.

If your home was built before 1980, there’s a chance it could have some asbestos.

If you know yours are all okay – that’s great.

If you are not certain, you should get it tested first.

The test is so basic you won’t need to have anyone do it for you.

To have yours checked, all you have to do is take a tiny sample of it and mail it to a testing service.

You can get these testing kits online. Most homeowners get it at Amazon.

Homeowners that have asbestos will simply have a removal process which is more complex.

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