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Arizona Paint and Drywall Repairs

Start by speaking with a dependable paint and drywall professional.

Repairing your ceilings is usually harder than it looks. Just have a pro do it.

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Why Do I Have One of These Acoustic Ceilings?

In the late ’50s, these sprayed on treatments started to become popular with home builders.

House builders discovered that this technique was quicker, and cheaper, than regular surface preparation and painting.

Remodelers who were correcting surfaces, small holes or spots found this procedure was a simple way to cover them up.

Quite a few homeowners around Maricopa County figured this new technique made their homes look stylish. So they liked it also.

Unfortunately, some of these products in the earliest days contained asbestos.

This concern, plus a steady change in outlook towards them, helped them to decline in popularity with homeowners in the ’80s.

Houses built in greater Phoenix around this time often had these acoustic ceilings put in the bedrooms, hallways and living room.

Bathrooms and kitchens did not get them.

Five Reasons To Have Them Scraped Off

  • “Small sections are hard to repair”
  • “They are difficult to clean or dust”
  • “If you bump them – bits fall down”
  • “They are dust magnets”
  • “They are difficult to paint when water stained”

The Way It All Works

The first step is to remove absolutely everything from the room or rooms.

There won’t be any mess because the whole room will get covered in plastic before the removal starts.

A little bit of water is put on to the old surface.

This moisture gets absorbed and the old texture gets pliable.

Once the old surface has become soft, it can be gently scraped off the underlying sheetrock.

Before long, the original texture is in a big messy pile on the floor.

It’s folded up in the plastic and hauled off.

The old surface may need some new joint compound and a good smoothing before the priming begins.

The last steps are priming and painting. That’s it.

Who Can Do This Kind of Work?

Some of the repair jobs around this area are done by individuals who focus on doing this work almost exclusively.

Other projects are handled by painting and drywall companies who can do a number of home improvement projects.

Either type of company could help you out.

Some Homeowners Do It Themselves

Some parts of this job are easy; other parts are hard.

It isn’t much fun to do. You just need to prepare for the mess.

The hardest aspect is getting the surface flawlessly smooth so you can paint it.

But the majority of homeowners decide to call someone to complete the work for them.

Ceiling Repair Costs Near Gilbert

Thinking about what the price might be around your suburb?

When determining the price tag of your project, most sheetrock specialists will give attention to the number of hours your job will take.

Nearly all jobs are pretty straightforward and proceed without a problem. However, occasionally asbestos is a factor.

If your house was constructed prior to 1980, it could contain asbestos.

Your technician will have yours checked if there are doubts about the make up of yours.

Doing the screening is simple. A homeowner can do that.

All you have to do is send in a tiny sample of your texture to a testing company.

These assessment kits are purchased online.

Amazon is the most popular place to get them.

Most owners won’t have asbestos in the sample, but screening it is important.

Repair Estimates South of Mesa

If you’re ready to get started, you could get an estimate for your job.

In almost all cases, you will know your price before the work is started.

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How You Get Moving

The first step is one brief call. You discuss it with someone who does this type of work.

Get all the information, ask for an estimate or set up a day to start the work.

Looking forward to your call.

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