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Why Did This Style Get Popular?

This spray-on characteristic started being used back in the late ’50s.

It was popular because it was a lot easier and less expensive than painting and they believed it might help reduce noise too.

This process was a simple way for remodelers to cover over stains, small holes or mistakes.

And homeowners around Missouri and Illinois originally thought this new technique made their houses look fashionable.

An issue with these early products is they often contained some asbestos.

That, along with evolving attitudes, caused them to gradually go out of favor with most homeowners and builders in the 1980s and beyond.

It’s still pretty common to see these features in houses around the Midwest although you will come across them less and less.

Why Some Homeowners Complain About Them

  • “Particles fall off when touched”
  • “Water stains are hard to paint right”
  • “It’s hard to patch them”
  • “They are hard to dust or clean”
  • “They collect dust”

What a Homeowner Could Expect During the Process

The initial step is to remove absolutely everything from your room or rooms.

Plastic will be used to clean up all the falling pieces and pieces. The entire room will get protected.

Some moisture is sprayed onto the ceiling. The water gets absorbed and the texture turns soft.

As the old texture becomes softer, it can be gently scraped away from the drywall.

The scraping process won’t stop until it is all down on the floor. Then it is bagged up and hauled out.

Some drywall repairs are typically needed.

Joints may need to be covered and the entire surface perfectly smoothed for painting.

The job ends with the new surface being primed and painted.

What Sort of Company Does This Work?

Some of these repair jobs in this area are completed by individuals who specialize in doing it almost exclusively.

But many of the other jobs are carried out by paint and drywall companies.

They have experience replacing and painting all kinds of inside surfaces.

There’s an experienced technician who will come over and help you out.

Is This a Project I Could Do On My Own?

Are you getting ready to begin this task on your own?

It is not the most demanding home repair, but it’s sloppy and not easy on the arms.

The stripping and removal element of the job is not real difficult.

It’s the drywall repair and smoothing that is problematic.

Once a homeowner discovers just what is involved, they almost always end up contacting a specialist.

Belleville Popcorn Ceiling Water Damage Repair

When a textured surface gets a small hole or water stain, they can be challenging to repair.

The difficult part is matching the new texture with the old texture.

Most homeowners have trouble with it when they attempt to do it.

Ceiling Repair Prices In Eastern St Louis

Need to know how much this is going to cost around an area such as Belleville or Collinsville?

Charges can vary, but the single main factor is the period of time it will take to finish.

There is one additional element to know about. There was a time when manufacturers used asbestos in these ceiling textures.

If your home was built earlier than 1980, there’s a possibility it has some asbestos.

It’s possible to verify yours if you aren’t certain it’s asbestos-free.

At least the testing is super easy. You or an inspector can do it.

All you need to do is send in a tiny sample of your texture to a testing service.

You can find these testing kits online. Most folks get theirs at Amazon.

The process for asbestos is more complex and the remover has to be more detailed.

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