Replace a Popcorn Ceiling Near Detroit

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This Wayne County Drywall Service Can Do the Job Right

The initial step is to have a short conversation with a paint or drywall specialist who sees these situations frequently.

These folks work with ceilings and walls all the time. They have gotten pretty good at it.

You can improve the appearance of your rooms.

How Come So Many Homes Have These Ceilings?

In the final years of the ’50s, home construction companies began using this technique in their new buildings.

Builders learned that they didn’t have to put in so much time prepping and painting ceilings.

Those builders appreciated that a lot.

Remodelers learned this new method was perfect for covering over uneven surfaces, patched holes or stains.

And homeowners around the Upper Midwest at first thought this method made their houses look contemporary.

Regrettably, a few of the initial producers of these products used asbestos in them.

They started to slowly go out of favor with homeowners beginning in the late ’80s and moving on from there.

Kitchen areas or full bathrooms almost never had these acoustic features.

But many Dearborn houses constructed during this time will have them in other rooms.

Why Some People Complain

  • “You can’t clean or dust them”
  • “They are hard to paint when stained”
  • “They get dusty easy”
  • “The little pieces fall down when touched”
  • “They are hard to patch or repair”

Steps Involved in the Procedure

To start with, your Michigan contractor will take everything out of the room – the furniture, smoke detector, light fixture, electrical socket covers and ventilation covers.

Plastic sheeting is positioned all around the room to grab any falling particles.

A little water is sprayed on the old surface to soften it up enough so it will come off.

Once the old texture is soft enough, it can be scraped off.

All that texture is scraped off into a big pile on the plastic floor. Then it gets hauled away.

The old surface may need some repairs. At a minimum, it will need to be smoothed and ready for paint.

Then it’s ready for primer and paint. And you’re done.

Help in Your Neighborhood

Some of these jobs are carried out by small companies or individuals who do almost nothing but drywall repairs.

And a lot of jobs are taken on by paint and drywall companies.

These crews have the needed experience to clean up all types of indoor surface repair or issue.

You can get an experienced pro to come over and work on it for you.

Could I Try To Do the Job Myself?

Some folks want to know if they should try doing it themselves.

This becomes a sloppy and dirty project. And it’s not easy either.

If you consider yourself to be a handyman, you could possibly try this too.

It may not end up perfect, but it could look okay.

While a few homeowners consider the options, most projects get worked on by a pro.

Popcorn Ceiling Repairs Near Dearborn Heights

Mending a water stain or doing other repairs to an acoustic ceiling is not necessarily simple.

The biggest obstacle is to get the new texture to match the old.

When most homeowners give it a try for the first time, the results are generally not so good.

How Much Does This Cost In Detroit?

Need to know how much it might cost for your place?

The key factor drywall experts consider when determining price is the length of time the job will take.

One big problem that might show up is asbestos.

Thankfully, it doesn’t happen very often.

It was pretty accepted for home builders to use asbestos products prior to 1980.

If you have doubts as to when your texture was put on, you need to have it checked.

Doing the test is simple. A homeowner can do it.

To get yours checked, you just need to send in a small sample for screening.

You can purchase a test kit online through a website like Amazon.

The removal procedure for asbestos is much more complex and the remover has to be more careful.

Homeowners in Your Metro Suburb Can Get an Estimate

You can hear a work estimate for your home.

The person you speak with on the phone just needs to understand how big your job is.

Appointments are available soon in the metro area in locations such as downtown, Wayne State U area, Woodbridge, Hamtramck, Islandview, West Village, Jefferson Chalmers, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Woods, Harper Woods, Regent Park, Osborn, Farwell Field, Warrendale, Dearborn and Dearborn Heights.

Service is available in the outer suburbs too. This includes areas near Ann Arbor, Livonia, Taylor, Pontiac and up in Warren.

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